When was the last time you cried?

You cried not because you were heartbroken but because you saw a sad movie or TV show?

I did a few hours ago, while I was watching Glee “The Break Up” episode, and this is ┬áthe 2nd time I cried watching that show.

The 1st was during Rachel & Finn’s pseudo break up at the train station, that was awful, it’s Lea Michele’s fault she was so good in acting, really made me cry, it’s as if her emotions were so real…she’s really feeling it, in Filipino, “may pinaghuhugutan“, she is really good in what she’s doing.

In this episode, I cried while Blaine was singing “Teenage Dream”

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For some reason, whenever I would see & hear Blaine sing I am being moved. He definitely have a great voice, his facial expressions while singing is spot on!

I love Blaine or should I say Darren Criss, I think he got an amazing voice, I’m not saying this because he’s a Filipino (actually a Eurasian according to Wikipedia), but I’m sure everyone agrees that he is a very talented guy.

I was literally crying while watching him.

Then I cried again while Santana’s singing “Mine” by Taylor Swift, I think Naya Rivera sang it very well that it sounded better compared to Taylor Swift, there are moments like that right? Naya also have a very wonderful voice and while she was singing it,she’s like teary-eyed, she can really feel the message of the song, that moment was so sad.

So I thought of having the video here in my blog, this is my favorite song in this episode.

And the part that I cried the most was, when Rachel confronted (I can’t think of a more appropriate term) Finn, when Rachel was telling Finn that he made her feel “loved”, that he made her feel sexy and visible and that he was her 1st love and wants him to be the last…and then bam! she can’t do it anymore…and then they started singing “the scientist” which was my all time favorite ( I love Coldplay btw )

This episode is heavy drama…oh well so much for my Monday blues.