Tummy Talks


Before I show you guys the 1st pic, just want to let you know first that I kinda had a hard time thinking of the best title for this entry, I want something catchy or funny, something that I can really say “hey, this is mine!”.

“Tummy Talks” will be a regular topic here in my blog obviously it’s about “FOOD”, oh glorious food… I love eating and I like the idea of trying out different cuisine at least once in a while.

My 1st idea for a title is actually, Whatcha eatin’ Joyce? , then I thought Watch what I’m eating – it didn’t seem to be too catchy…then I remember I call my stomach “Anaconda” because I tend to eat a lot sometimes that it seems like I have something inside that needs to be fed like every now and then…so I just thought of calling my stomach/tummy anaconda…but having “Anaconda talks” doesn’t sound so cool as a a title , and some people might think that I am blogging about “real anacondas” so this led me to TUMMY TALKS πŸ˜€

Dairy Queen Treats πŸ™‚

Pic Taken : 02 25 2012

with my friends : Mimi and her heart shaped Dilly Bar (Valentine’s Special Offer) , Zee and her DQ biscuit , mine was the regular Dilly Bar which has been my favorite since then.


So, what do you think?

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