Tummy Talks (3)

Hey guys! Hope you’re all doing good. My grand vacation is almost over, I’ll be back to work on Monday, so I may not be able to update this blog as much as I did for the last 2 weeks,but I will do my very best to make sure that it’ll be updated at least once a week or maybe every after 2 weeks, we’ll see.

Oh yeah, my cousin’s wedding did pretty well except for one thing, but I will definitely have a separate discussion about that , we’re also waiting for some of the pics so I can share it here 😀

So obviously this is another episode for “tummy talks” 🙂

Brother’s Burger Meal

Here is our order, actually shared this meal with my friend Mimi, we were trying to reduce or “on a diet” and we know for a fact that the burgers there are quite bigger , also it has some veggies so I definitely need to give the veggies to someone.

The french fries are mine, the onion rings were Mimi’s, we both have lemonade and the chicken burger, I forgot the dressing they’ve put in there, but it was good.

Team Tonyo’s BB experience

That’s about it for brother’s burger experience. 🙂 that was on May 06 2012

The following pictures were taken last June 30 2012

Fruits in icecream

My favorite!I believe I blogged about fruits in icecream before, they have lots of icecream flavors but cookies & cream is really my all time favorite, I’ve tried their avocado flavor before it was so delicious!

food trip

Our “normal food trip” , why did I say that? Because most of the time whenever we would hang out this is what we would have, the white stuff on the left are singkamas with bagoong, we have squid balls with sweet sauce or sometimes we would mix it with the spicy sauce…then we have pork wanton with spicy sauce (on the right side). Dumplings are also my favorite! We like dumplings from Paotsin, they also have a lot of dumplings….they have crab, pork, shrimp…even sharksfin.


That’s about it for  now, I’m gonna go back to my bed and sleep again…I’ve taken a medication for flu so it makes me wants to sleep like all day long.

Thanks again guys!