Honesty Challenge: Day 2

Hello guys! Sorry it took a while before I was able to do this, I took a lot of pics today and I’m really excited about blogging about those stuff!

But for now, I will answer question # 2

Has anyone told you “forever and ever,” and left?

I think my ex bf did.He told me forever but I was the one who left “technically”. He broke up with me, he always does whenever he’s mad out of petty things…I used to beg him to not break up with me, I was naive during those times…but when I came into my senses and someone told me that I don’t deserve to be treated that way…the last time he broke up with me I didn’t beg for him to stay…I didn’t cry anymore…after a few days he was saying sorry and all that sh*t but I left him for good…

that’s about it…TTYL! xOxO