Honesty Challenge : Day 10

Day 10: Something is wrong. First guy you turn to?

my boyfriend πŸ˜€

he’s like my “shock absorber” , you know? When I feel so mad I would cry, I don’t know but that’s just me, maybe there are some “moments” that I feel so helpless, like there’s nothing more that I can do to make things better, so I would just cry.

But then any guy who’s really in love with their girl, doesn’t want to see them crying. He doesn’t want to see me crying, that’s why everyday he’s doing something that will absolutely make me happy, I appreciate that so much! No one has ever did that to me.

But I’m only human and I am a girl…I have mood swings…there are times that I really just have to cry…he has seen me crying few times already, at 1st he asked me to stop…he’s just there, beside me, comforting me…but I told him I just need at least a minute or 2 to cry…he got no other choice…but after at least a few moments I felt better…

Having him beside me during those pressing moments, made me feel like I can always move forward…that even if I feel like there’s nothing more I can do…it’s gonna be okay…eventually everything will be okay.

One Year

I still can’t believe this πŸ™‚

It’s been a year already and I still get this feeling of happiness & excitement, just a thought of us being together…it can absolutely make me smile.

You know the happiness you feel when you’re eating your favorite food ( like me eating ice cream ) that’s the happiness that I feel but 10x more.

There’s no perfect words to describe how I really feel, all I know is that I love him so much and I know for sure that I’ll be spending the Β rest of my life with him.

Our relationship isn’t perfect just like everybody else who’s in a relationship. He is not the perfect guy and I know for sure that I am not perfect, but we both know this “love” that we’re sharing…it is the greatest!

I never felt this happy before, I feel so loved and valued.

He’s like one of the best thing I’ve ever had, truly a blessing!

I apologize if I’m being a little mush today… πŸ˜€

But since it’s our anniversary, I will share some of our pics together, I have created another blog just for us but I thought that since this is really my primary blog might as well do it here.

jo jo polaroid_prophecy font

“everyone has someone in their life that keeps them looking forward to another day”sweet 4.jpg

“the only guy worth loving are the that ones that will take time just to be with you”

– so true! No matter how busy we are everyday because of our work, it is really important to give each other at least an hour together, just to talk or maybe not and just cuddle…feel the warmth of each other…it is such a great feeling.

jojo luvquotepic“Love is not just about finding the right person,but creating a right relationship. It’s not about how much you have in the beginning but how much you build till the end”

because I was so inlove I thought of doing this,I’ve collected love/relationship quotes that are inspiring for me,edited our pic and then include the quote in it, sometimes I use some of my favorite line from a song.

jojo luvquotepic (2)“with the right person, you don’t have to work so hard to be happy. It just happens, effortlessly.”



“love is not about how much you say I love You but how much you prove it’s true”

Our “real” anniversary celebration will be on Sunday, we can’t celebrate it today because we both have work,we’ll go on a date of course…watch movie, he said he wanted to see Jackie Chan’s movie and I said I like Hansel & Gretel…we decided to just watch the 2 movies then will have lunch and probably dinner outside.

I’m really really excited about it, but this is all for today. Thank you guys for dropping by…xOxO

Tummy Talks 9

Chef Tony’s White Chocolate Parmesan πŸ˜€

I’ve seen their store like everywhere and they have different and somewhat unique flavors for popcorn…I am not a really a big fan of popcorn because it makes my throat a little itchy and it easily get stock in my teeth, but when I saw this (you’ll see the pics in a while) I just thought that “it’s a must try”.




it says “my tub of happiness” – yes, indeed!



it’s sweet and salty…it’s somewhat soft so you don’t have to chew a lot, can even melt in your mouth…try it πŸ˜€