Honesty Challenge : Day 10

Day 10: Something is wrong. First guy you turn to?

my boyfriend 😀

he’s like my “shock absorber” , you know? When I feel so mad I would cry, I don’t know but that’s just me, maybe there are some “moments” that I feel so helpless, like there’s nothing more that I can do to make things better, so I would just cry.

But then any guy who’s really in love with their girl, doesn’t want to see them crying. He doesn’t want to see me crying, that’s why everyday he’s doing something that will absolutely make me happy, I appreciate that so much! No one has ever did that to me.

But I’m only human and I am a girl…I have mood swings…there are times that I really just have to cry…he has seen me crying few times already, at 1st he asked me to stop…he’s just there, beside me, comforting me…but I told him I just need at least a minute or 2 to cry…he got no other choice…but after at least a few moments I felt better…

Having him beside me during those pressing moments, made me feel like I can always move forward…that even if I feel like there’s nothing more I can do…it’s gonna be okay…eventually everything will be okay.

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