joycessist: Tagaytay City road trip

Hello guys! How are you doing? Hot Tuesday morning here in Manila, whew! Summer is just around the corner, I walked with my mom earlier, she needed to buy some veggies (elk!), I was all sweaty while walking, oh boy!

Are you guys getting ready for the summer? I am so getting ready for it! Me and my friends decided to go Puerto Galera next month, it’s gonna be exciting and I bet that this is going to be one of the best summer escapades of my life! I don’t usually do this, like going to the beach with my friends or with my family, I am always working my ass off and the only “self-indulgence-treat” that I can think of is eating something extravagant. I’m so glad that I am surrounded with people who’s been very supportive and somewhat adventurous. :D. I am so excited!

Anyway, here’s another episode ( I cannot think of a better term) for my regular blog entry “joycessist”, wherein you’ll realize how fool/full of myself I am.

Forgive me. 😀

I took a few photos during our road trip to Tagaytay City last November, after or Thanksgiving Party.

joycessist_TC 3

~ our 1st stop, the place is cool, you’ll get to see Taal Lake in full view which is absolutely breath taking. My friends kinda think my hat is cool, made me look like I’m from Russia.

joycessist_TC 4

joycessist_TC 5

~ Fell in love with this unique dining set. So I thought that I need to take a pic with it.

joycessist_TC 6

~ really full of myself.

joycessist_TC 7~ while the rest are talking about what to do next or where to go next after we have our super early breakfast , I was still busy taking photos of myself and the crew that I am with.

joycessist_TC 2 joycessist_TC 1~ The last 2 photos were taken by Katy 😀

So there, you have it, I’ve started editing our pictures when we went to Baguio City. Kinda miss these places, Tagaytay and Baguio…2 of the coolest cities here in Philippines, I wish they weren’t miles away from Manila.

Thanks for checking out, have a great day! xOxO

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