After tonsillitis I had cough…which is what I hate the most because it makes my throat so effin itchy and I really can’t afford to have itchy throat due to the nature of my work.

A good friend of mine suggested taking lozenges, specifically this…Pei Pa Koa.
Aside from the regular antitussive meds., drinking a lot of water…avoiding too much sweet foods and/or any irritants I was able to survive!

My throat’s not itchy anymore 😀
But I cannot celebrate yet, naaah not yet….

I’ve been craving for ice cream for days b/c it’s so freaking hot but I wont risk it.

Lozenges, is such a big help, I soooo love this, because it’s a little sweet but it gives such a soothing feeling…


2 thoughts on “Relief

  1. Be careful of anything that’s kind of Chinese stuff. Most of their products ( food, medicine,,,) including toothpaste have been banned in the US. have u heard of melanine in their baby foods?

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