Tummy Talks

I have 3 things to share today here in Tummy Talks (1) Garlic French Toast, I was craving for french toast but then I remember I bought a garlic butter so it was just a crazy idea to try using that for french toast – yes, I did it myself and I don’t normally cook so this is really a crazy idea 😀 (2) Nutella – ahh, this is really made from heaven, so delish feel like eating it everyday (3) Selecta Icecream’s version of cookies and cream using Oreo Cookies, my new favorite.

All pictures were taken last April 20, 2013 🙂

A 09042013 (000)

= stuff I need for my garlic french toast (a) loaf bread , I chose the Pinoy Tasty brand b/c unlike other brands it’s quite smaller and I prefer small bread :D, eggs,mayonnaise, a bowl and fork.

A 09042013(005)

= divided each loaf into half

A 09042013(001) A 09042013(002)

= mixed egg and mayonnaise.

A 09042013(008) A 09042013(010)

= garlic butter from Pan De Manila

A 09042013(012)

= dip the bread, just for a few seconds so it wont get so soft.

A 09042013(013)

= garlic butter 😀

A 09042013(015)

= frying 😀

A 09042013(017) A 09042013(016)

= put it on a tissue so that it’ll sip/get some oil from my french toast.

A 09042013(018)

= wanted to try my masterpiece right away 🙂

A 09042013(019)

= he seems pretty excited,he’s like my # 1 fan 😀

A 09042013(020)

= another crazy idea, I tried putting some nutella on my french toast, didn’t taste good, nutella is only meant for plain bread 🙂

A 09042013(021)

 = new favorite 😀

WARNING: the following photos might make you drool

A 09042013(022) A 09042013(023) A 09042013(024) A 09042013(025) A 09042013(026)

= totally making me happy

A 09042013(027)

= must try!

A 09042013(030)

= he likes it too 🙂

A 09042013(033)

= went back to his business.

That’s it for Tummy Talks today, have a great day!


JIMZ trip to The City of Pines part 2

Hello everyone…just sharing the 2nd set of photos from our Baguio City Friendship Escapade, the 3rd and final part of our trip to Baguio is me being “joycessist” :D.

So here it is…


= been to this city several times and this was the 1st time I’ve been to PNKY Cafe, which is the coolest cafe I’ve ever been, cozy place, something in it makes you feel warm and at the same time cool.



= I know this is a little blurry, but I really fell in love with that red sofa, perfect for that little corner…


= Marisa and Mimi.



= christmas -postcard- ish photo 😀

SAM_3354 joyzcollage

= love the smell of brewed coffee, YUM! 😀


= our drinks.





SAM_3368 SAM_3374 SAM_3365= some random stuff (a) creamer and brown sugar placed in those cute jars with wooden spoon (b) colorful jars lined up on their window (c) my brewed coffee and their guest book wherein you can write some stuff or comments about the cafe’.

SAM_3375= The lady who’s been so accommodating and nice to us, kinda busy on the counter.


= this is what we wrote on their guest book 🙂 , Marisa scribbled around the page made it look like it has a border, clever idea.SAM_3386 SAM_3385 SAM_3387= Marisa didn’t have a pic with the guest book, she was probably busy doing weird things 😀

SAM_3393= told you so, well she told me that she wanted to be a sexy supermodel when she was younger, apparently that didn’t happen so now she’s a frustrated supermodel wanna be – poor girl…just kidding!

SAM_3404= that’s another frustrated-supermodel-wanna be pic., she could pass right? as a supermodel?

SAM_3402 SAM_3401= me, being totally emotional model wanna be…I just thought that maybe the moment was a lot better if I was with my Sweet Jo…

SAM_3405 SAM_3407

= JIMZ, this were my favorite pix…we all love to sing and whenever I see this pix…it seems to me that this are too cool as a cover for our CD (in case we’re really an all girl band), geeez I am daydreaming…but I must admit, I am a frustrated singer 😀


= dinner at the famous Steakhouse, I had grilled barbecue.

SAM_3412 SAM_3411= Marisa and Mimi both have the humongous steak.


= I forgot what she ordered.

SAM_3417 SAM_3419

SAM_3420 SAM_3421= night bazaar, eating grilled foods. I got some chicken intestines (isaw) 😀

SAM_3428= the other end of the bazaar.


= bus terminal.


= colors (I just realized that I should’ve use this for the daily post when they had “color”) , anyway…I’m wearing my pajamas and socks because it was so effin cold. We didn’t have fan or aircondition in our room, just an open window.


= bought 2L of water because I should be drinking a lot and it’s a good thing I did because the next morning when we woke up the water’s too cold, I have to use some of this distilled water to wash my face & brush my teeth 😀


= waiting for our bus.


= sun is up!

SAM_3451 SAM_3447 SAM_3463 SAM_3459

= some of the things that you might see while you’re on the zig-zag road.


= sleepy heads =

That’s about it! Thanks for checking out, u guys have a great day!


April’s a Sad Month

for me.

This is supposed to be happy and exciting month since me and my friends is supposed to go to Puerto Galera together…but at the last minute (actually it was a day) I decided not to go b/c my father passed away…so I was on bereavement for a little over a week.

It’s just sad that we had a little reunion at home (in Pangasinan) because someone’s deceased, it would’ve been better if it’s someone’s birthday celebration or a wedding or a christening. Meeting some of my cousins, my 2nd cousins, my uncles and aunties for the 1st time was absolutely great, at the same time it is kinda awkward to really celebrate and have fun.

The funeral and the day after was somewhat weird for me, b/c of the things that we have to do…my grandparents is very superstitious, we did some rituals which I planned to share with you guys on my next entry.

I went back here in Manila last Sunday and it was another heart breaking moment for me, my dog “brownout” wasn’t feeling too well when I left for Pangasinan, she hasn’t been eating for days, barely drinking her water. I did everything that I could to try to save her and make her feel better, gave her water with sugar, bought some dog food for her (’cause I thought that it’ll probably taste better for her compared to eating our leftovers), but she didn’t finish her meal. A  friend told me to give her a bath maybe her sickness is due to the hot weather, but that didn’t make her feel better either….another friend advised me to give her some cat food b/c they smell much better than dog food, I did and brownout finished 1 small can of cat food…I thought it was a success…I tried feeding her again the following day but she didn’t eat anymore.

While I’m on my way my sister’s texting me telling me that Brownout is dying. I wanted to cry right then and there…so as soon as I arrived home, I’ve put on gloves because she’s been salivating and it smells nasty, I didn’t care about her smell all I wanted to do is to really touch her, give her a little head massage and talk to her.

Told her that I am really sorry for leaving her when she needed me the most (my sister really couldn’t take care of her b/c she’s pregnant & my bf is working and gets home late at night). Told her not to wait for my mom because she wont come back until after another week or so, told her that she can leave if she wants to, she’s 15 yrs old and in human years that’s like what? a hundred plus yrs? I don’t know…told her that I’m thankful that she was with us for 15 yrs…and that she’s been such a great dog, she’s not just a dog…she’s a member of our family. I told her that I love her so much and that she will be missed…

She was staring back at me…her eyes is so meaningful, I know that she was talking back  to us through  her eyes…I don’t know but I thought that she’s like telling me that she doesn’t want to leave but her time has come, she’s like telling me that she waited for me and that it’s good I’m home…that I’m safe…and she’s like telling me that she wont last that long.

I tried to give her some meds but she wont take it, I gave her some water but she refused to drink. I gave her this huge box where she sleeps and then my bf put some cloth on her so she wont feel cold since it was kinda windy that night…

I can’t let her inside our house, i know she wanted to…I started crying b/c I know she’s in so much pain but I can’t do anything to make her feel better I didn’t know what to do…

I wasn’t able to sleep well that night knowing that she’s out there, alone. I woke up around 4 AM to pee, I checked on her too and she was barking w/ her very low voice – i thought maybe she’s trying to wake up anyone. My bf woke up at 5 AM, getting ready to go to work, went outside to drink coffee and smoke at the same time, he said brownout was sitting still, staring blankly at our gate…and then she looked at him for a while and he felt like she’s talking to him through her meaningful eyes…he told me that she’s like telling him that she needs to go, soon… she’s like telling him to take care of me and the other member of the family…then she lied down, breathing heavily…until her last breath she was looking at my bf…

My bf woke me up with teary eyes…I went out and started crying at the sight of her without life anymore…

That was like the saddest moment of my life, my grandpa and dog passing away.

But I have to accept that they’re gone…they may not be with me/us physically but I know that they’re watching over us.They’re probably together now with Satine (my dog who passed away back in 2011).

I am still mourning but I have to move on, I just have to keep in mind that they’re in a better place not feeling any pain anymore.

Copy of me and B

dearest Brownout…though yo’re gone, you will always be in my heart…I love you.

He is The Man

I grew up without my father around, he left to have his “american dream” when I was just a year old,met him when I was in high school.

But all those years that he’s not around my grandfather was there for us, he and grandma of course.

Being the eldest grandchild I get to experience his love I guess in many many ways compared to my cousins who were 10 years or more younger than me.

Every summer was spent with them…it was fun you know, growing up with my grandparents around…letting me play as long as I want to.

My Lolo (grandfather)  taught me to say “yes lolo”, he’s very protective…hardworking…caring…he’s just the type of Man that you would want to have as a father.

It is his birthday today…but I don’t know how to make this day a happy day when he’s already gone.

He’s been having some health issues since 2011, I guess that’s due to his age and as we all know  our body will eventually deteriorate, he fought, for a while…but I guess he knew that this day will come.

I have dreamt of kissing him in his forehead again, embrace him and just stay close to him. I guess from now on, I can only do this in my dreams.

I wish I was there.But at the same time I don’t think I can bear to see him in pain.

I wanted to him to stay for a little bit longer, I wanted to ask him to wait for me because I will go home tomorrow…but then I thought, if he wait a little bit more that means he’ll have to bear the pain for a while, waiting will prolong his agony.

I understand and I know that he’s in a better place now, no more pain Lolo. You’re probably enjoying this, you’re with your brothers and sisters and your parents.

That’s the thing with death, you know it’s coming but you can never be prepared for it.

You are the best man/father/grandfather for me Lolo.

I miss you and I love you so much, when it’s my turn…please be there for me.SAM_1629


Honesty Challenge : Day 18

Day 18: What is your favorite song?

There’s a lot actually, Bruno Mars’ It will rain, Heaven by Bryan Adams but I prefer Boyce Avenue’s version of it, Titanium…Moving Closer by Never The Strangers…Somebody that I used to know…A Thousand Years… there’s more but I couldn’t think of all the titles.

All time favorite though is Alanis M.’s Ironic, Stay by Lisa Loeb, Firewoman by Hungry Young Poets, Drive by Incubus 😀

Honesty Challenge : Day 17

Day 17: Who was the last person you talked to for more than 10 minutes on the phone?

Hmmm, if we are to include my work… I’d say a couple who’s been so nice and sweet to me,they’ve been really good friends & amazing couple since they were in high school.

But if we are not to include my work, it was sweet Jo…he called me checking if I’m already home, if I had lunch already…