Tummy Talks : Easter Sundate

Hello everyone! How was your Easter Sunday Celebration? After reading and seeing all the pictures/videos online it seems like everyone had a great time, had a great time too, despite the fact that I am worried…my grandfather’s sick and lately he’s saying some stuff that as if he’s leaving…his brother who’s been sick for a while passed away yesterday, his other brother had a stroke last year…alright, I don’t want to really over think the situation, it ‘s just making me sad.

Anyway, since it was just me and my sweet Jo…after attending the regular Sunday Mass, we had lunch at Shakey’s Pizza, then we watched G.I Joe afterwards 😀


while waiting…


still waiting…


 = joycessist =


= sweet Jo got a regular coke,I got my favorite “Shirley Temple” and their Creamy Carbonara with garlic bread =

SAM_4747 SAM_4746= sharing the creamy carbonara =

SAM_4745Chicken and Mojos with gravy =


= Ultimate Cheese and Garlic – I thought of getting an all meat pizza, but changed my mind after realizing that I’ve been eating too much meat =

So, what do you think?

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