JIMZ trip to The City of Pines part 2

Hello everyone…just sharing the 2nd set of photos from our Baguio City Friendship Escapade, the 3rd and final part of our trip to Baguio is me being “joycessist” :D.

So here it is…


= been to this city several times and this was the 1st time I’ve been to PNKY Cafe, which is the coolest cafe I’ve ever been, cozy place, something in it makes you feel warm and at the same time cool.



= I know this is a little blurry, but I really fell in love with that red sofa, perfect for that little corner…


= Marisa and Mimi.



= christmas -postcard- ish photo 😀

SAM_3354 joyzcollage

= love the smell of brewed coffee, YUM! 😀


= our drinks.





SAM_3368 SAM_3374 SAM_3365= some random stuff (a) creamer and brown sugar placed in those cute jars with wooden spoon (b) colorful jars lined up on their window (c) my brewed coffee and their guest book wherein you can write some stuff or comments about the cafe’.

SAM_3375= The lady who’s been so accommodating and nice to us, kinda busy on the counter.


= this is what we wrote on their guest book 🙂 , Marisa scribbled around the page made it look like it has a border, clever idea.SAM_3386 SAM_3385 SAM_3387= Marisa didn’t have a pic with the guest book, she was probably busy doing weird things 😀

SAM_3393= told you so, well she told me that she wanted to be a sexy supermodel when she was younger, apparently that didn’t happen so now she’s a frustrated supermodel wanna be – poor girl…just kidding!

SAM_3404= that’s another frustrated-supermodel-wanna be pic., she could pass right? as a supermodel?

SAM_3402 SAM_3401= me, being totally emotional model wanna be…I just thought that maybe the moment was a lot better if I was with my Sweet Jo…

SAM_3405 SAM_3407

= JIMZ, this were my favorite pix…we all love to sing and whenever I see this pix…it seems to me that this are too cool as a cover for our CD (in case we’re really an all girl band), geeez I am daydreaming…but I must admit, I am a frustrated singer 😀


= dinner at the famous Steakhouse, I had grilled barbecue.

SAM_3412 SAM_3411= Marisa and Mimi both have the humongous steak.


= I forgot what she ordered.

SAM_3417 SAM_3419

SAM_3420 SAM_3421= night bazaar, eating grilled foods. I got some chicken intestines (isaw) 😀

SAM_3428= the other end of the bazaar.


= bus terminal.


= colors (I just realized that I should’ve use this for the daily post when they had “color”) , anyway…I’m wearing my pajamas and socks because it was so effin cold. We didn’t have fan or aircondition in our room, just an open window.


= bought 2L of water because I should be drinking a lot and it’s a good thing I did because the next morning when we woke up the water’s too cold, I have to use some of this distilled water to wash my face & brush my teeth 😀


= waiting for our bus.


= sun is up!

SAM_3451 SAM_3447 SAM_3463 SAM_3459

= some of the things that you might see while you’re on the zig-zag road.


= sleepy heads =

That’s about it! Thanks for checking out, u guys have a great day!


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