i miss blogging

Hello everyone! Gosh! I miss blogging, I miss blogosphere…checking my “read” page , seeing those cute dogs/pets/animals, wonderful images from different places, getting updated from the lives of the people I follow (here in WP) , getting inspired…

I never thought that loosing someone can be so exhausting…when my grandpa passed away, we (me,mama and sis) decided to let my mother stay with Grandma, while we’re all waiting for my Uncle and Aunt to come home, both are working abroad once they’re back, they’re gonna stay there with Grandma for good…my mom can come home and we’ll just have to go to Pangasinan whenever we want to see Lola (grandmother in english) .

Now that my mom’s out I have to do all the errands here at home. Every payday I would have to pay for the bills, do some grocery, take care of our dog Goldee (which by the way has been acting like a baby every since my other dog died…she likes to sit beside me like all the time) . Then I’d have to do the laundry…wash the dishes…clean our home…

Unfortunately I have to do most of this on my own…then I got some stuff to do at work w/c would require me to go home a little bit late…oh well.

I know good things will come.

It is pretty tiring for me since I don’t have to do some of these things before, I never worry about running errands but now I do.

My sister’s pregnant… going 6 months, now that’s one good thing that’ll come. She’s gonna be our mother’s first grandchild…my 1st niece from my sister… I am so excited…

2 friends of mine are getting married, one is this month and the other next month, something to be excited about as well.

More good things to come, just have to have a little sacrifice for now, but this will pay off soon. I know that.

I’ve listed my goals and so far I feel like the universe is helping me to get there.

I guess after the wedding this month I’ll have more time for blogging again, I will definitely find a way…there’s a will, there’s a way!

I am meant to blog for life, so I will definitely catch up soon!


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