need help!

need help!

or maybe not 😀

Hello everyone! How’s everybody doing? You guys bet on Miami Heat or the Spurs???

Didn’t bet on anyone, I was playing candy crush while my sister’s watching the last game 🙂

I saw the last quarter of Game 6, it was one hell of a game…I love it but I didn’t feel like watching the 7th game.
Not really a fan of basketball 😀

and just when I thought I wont fall for this, I irrevocably did fall in love with candy crush.

I thought I might ask for help on how to get over this addiction…but I guess I wont need it anymore.

Blame it on my sweet pumpkin pie boyfriend, ha ha.

Well was just checking on you guys, my computer’s acting pretty weird lately…so I can’t blog as much as I wanted to…my boyfriend’s a bit busy, so he can’t fix it yet…

take care everyone, xOxO