Joycessist @ Baguio City

Hello guys! So good to be back again, and I am really trying my very best to blog again as often as I used to. Aside from the family issues that stopped me from blogging for a while…had some technical issues as well when my bf accidentally re-formatted my laptop, I lost all my bookmarked pages 😦 I have every intention to read through those blogs and article again but I guess I wont be able to do it anymore.

Oh well I miss doing this…gathered some of my pics from our trip to Baguio City last December and I was being such a “joycessist” again. SAM_3190 (1) SAM_3192 SAM_3195Taken the following morning after we arrived, love that bonnet, unfortunately we don’t have it anymore. 😦


my henna tattoo

SAM_3253 SAM_3256@ our lunch place

SAM_3340 SAM_3338

minor edits, love the effect of the light 🙂

SAM_3358 SAM_3370

my favorite scent , brewed coffee (mhm)

SAM_3353 SAM_3366




SAM_3401 SAM_3402

emotera pose ♥

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