Busy Day or Month Ahead

This is it, the moment that I have been waiting for…although I cannot be “specific” about it but it’s here, HUGE changes coming our way…well usually the 1st week of each month is like the busiest ever, I guess in each company, they would always have to come up with a list of AFIs, achievements etc., to-do-list,, goals or whatever…anything that will make the business grow. 

But then again, can’t complain….this is the reason why I got bacon, my bread and butter and a whole lot of things!


I am just so lucky that I am working…despite the fact that I have to learn how to live like a vampire 😀 


And with the holiday season – oh my, it is just around the corner my friends! Everybody’s excited and giddy about it…

WAIT! Are you excited? You know, Halloween? Oh, I love to wear costumes on Halloween – yes! I am turning 28 years old and I still love Halloween Party 😀  

My sister is about to give birth anytime – oh my gosh, my 1st niece :D!

Then her birthday….then my birthday….then Christmas…

Yes! I am pretty excited about so many things…although I am going to be a bit busier 😀 

Till next time, 


Rants Rants Rants

Warning : I might be a little harsh – just a little….

Don’t you just hate it when you are surrounded with stupid people? It is confidential for Pete’s sake, that means you are not supposed to talk about it in public place or even in public transportation, like bus!

The couple beside was checking their papers and talking about whatever is written there and the guy on my right is talking to someone on the phone…explaining the damn papers… We have all been warned, although it would be so hard not to talk about it but they should have at least discussed those issues within the POE or maybe at their home…

Jeeez! They made me one hell of a paranoid girl trapped in bus full of scary looking people…I was so freaking out!  Can’t help myself but to roll my eyes out on the couple beside me, trying to give them the message of “Shut-the-hell-up!!!” , but i guess they’re so stupid that they didn’t get the message – what’s wrong with you people?!?!

They are so unbelievable! Simple word, simple instructions…and they can’t follow through…

they are so effin stupid!

There…done with my rants…

Honesty Challenge : Day 22

Day 22: Does the last person you held hands with mean something to you?

Yes, absolutely! We’ve been friends for 7 years now 😀 I miss hanging out with her. She’s nothing but a true friend, I love her so.

Cheese and Me

Cheese and Me