Busy Day or Month Ahead

This is it, the moment that I have been waiting for…although I cannot be “specific” about it but it’s here, HUGE changes coming our way…well usually the 1st week of each month is like the busiest ever, I guess in each company, they would always have to come up with a list of AFIs, achievements etc., to-do-list,, goals or whatever…anything that will make the business grow. 

But then again, can’t complain….this is the reason why I got bacon, my bread and butter and a whole lot of things!


I am just so lucky that I am working…despite the fact that I have to learn how to live like a vampire 😀 


And with the holiday season – oh my, it is just around the corner my friends! Everybody’s excited and giddy about it…

WAIT! Are you excited? You know, Halloween? Oh, I love to wear costumes on Halloween – yes! I am turning 28 years old and I still love Halloween Party 😀  

My sister is about to give birth anytime – oh my gosh, my 1st niece :D!

Then her birthday….then my birthday….then Christmas…

Yes! I am pretty excited about so many things…although I am going to be a bit busier 😀 

Till next time,