Introducing LJ

Hello world! I hope you guys are fine, as for me I have never been this happy in my life..but then I am always happy…so I have a few things left unsaid on my previous post but then I am now willing to share a little about it guys.

1st is that we got a HUGE bonus, working for several years in a company was really something, I cannot think of any other way of saying it, all i know is that it is “something”…it was a bittersweet goodbye, but we all know things change. Change is inevitable…as for now we just have to go with the flow and enjoy the moment!

Got a new cellphone, which I will share on my next blog entry…

And the biggest news is , LJ’s here.

LJ is my 1st (ever) niece, she is such an angel. LJ means Lillian Jaye, and that is because her mom’s name (my sister) is Layne and her father is JP – get the picture?

Yeah! Good!

So world, help me in welcoming our little angel… LJ


That was our 1st meeting…she looks like her dad, but she got her mom’s dimples. I have shared several pictures through IG, this girl knows how to get someone’s attention even when she sleeps. She smiles a lot, showing off her dimples…she cries when she’s hungry – of course! She is just adorable. We all love her.

When I first saw her, I felt somewhat “complete” , we all felt like she is just what we need…I have always been afraid of giving birth, I don’t think I will ever be ready for the pain…sleepless nights…the morning sickness…endless mood swings…etcetera., but seeing her, made me feel like I want to have my own and if I have to endure all of those, so be it. I know my sweet pumpkin wont leave me, and then there’s Mum, my sister, her spouse and baby LJ.

So, if there will be times that I wont be able to blog so much in a month, that’s probably because of our little angel here, but she grows up quite fast, like a mutant, like Renesmee in twilight…I love watching her while she sleeps, she would smile, yawn, stretch..look for milk, cry a little and all that stuff that only a baby can do.

But you guys can expect more pictures soon, I am not sure if her mom will have time to blog about her, but I will definitely find time to do so… I am such a proud Aunt, and my Mum – oh my Mum, she’s never been happy…it’s been a while since she held a baby in her arms…so of course she’s very very happy with her 1st grandchild.



So, what do you think?

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