It’s here again!

Hey everyone, oh em gee, no blog entry for the entire month of November, argh! Oh well, I am not gonna make any excuses  i know i have been busy and lazy, changes that I don’t know how to handle and gives me headache too.

But then being optimistic, I know that things will get better, it always does.

And yey! It’s December – the most wonderful time of the year!

Supposed to be, but then again it’s hard to celebrate and be happy knowing that some of my fellow pinoys are mourning and devastated. We all know about the typhoon Yolanda, the filipino community specially those who’s been greatly affected were so thankful for all the countries (everyone) who helped them and are still helping them to recuperate. It’s hard to imagine how they’re going to celebrate Christmas.

And with that typhoon, a lot of issues came out in the open as well. I can’t say anything good about the government so might as well not dwell on it. It is totally a waste of time! What goes around comes around, karma will get you.

Anyway, this is gonna be the 1st time that we’ll celebrate christmas with the new member of our family, baby LJ. 😀 such an adorable baby!

and i wont be long too because there are some errands to do, I’ll have a long weekend next week so I do hope that I can catch up on blogging, no matter how busy my life is, I can’t just let this go.

credits to the owner of this nice pic that I found in weheartit,com <3

credits to the owner of this nice pic that I found in weheartit,com ❤


Hey everyone, so I have been busy, work has been challenging now that we are under a new management team, and then there were gossips involving my dear friends…so we’ve been talking about “how to deal with it”. My new niece, oh she is such an angel, I love watching her while she sleeps…and then I have to learn how to handle my finances the right away.

So many things to do that I have to stop blogging for a while. 😀

Last week, me and my girlfriends finally had the chance to eat together again,we’ve talked about the gossips, our finances, our lives and where to go next…

Our pictures were taken using MyPhone Vortex 😀


Lunch at Pancake House, have the best pancakes ever!

IMG_20131017_112032 IMG_20131017_112044

Picture taking while waiting for our food 😀


My meal : Rice , special salisbury steak and Corn & Carrots on the side.


Here’s dessert : I ordered Banana Split, Mimi got one scoop of Vanilla and Strawberry ice cream.





That is all for now 😀 be back soon (hopefully)


Introducing LJ

Hello world! I hope you guys are fine, as for me I have never been this happy in my life..but then I am always happy…so I have a few things left unsaid on my previous post but then I am now willing to share a little about it guys.

1st is that we got a HUGE bonus, working for several years in a company was really something, I cannot think of any other way of saying it, all i know is that it is “something”…it was a bittersweet goodbye, but we all know things change. Change is inevitable…as for now we just have to go with the flow and enjoy the moment!

Got a new cellphone, which I will share on my next blog entry…

And the biggest news is , LJ’s here.

LJ is my 1st (ever) niece, she is such an angel. LJ means Lillian Jaye, and that is because her mom’s name (my sister) is Layne and her father is JP – get the picture?

Yeah! Good!

So world, help me in welcoming our little angel… LJ


That was our 1st meeting…she looks like her dad, but she got her mom’s dimples. I have shared several pictures through IG, this girl knows how to get someone’s attention even when she sleeps. She smiles a lot, showing off her dimples…she cries when she’s hungry – of course! She is just adorable. We all love her.

When I first saw her, I felt somewhat “complete” , we all felt like she is just what we need…I have always been afraid of giving birth, I don’t think I will ever be ready for the pain…sleepless nights…the morning sickness…endless mood swings…etcetera., but seeing her, made me feel like I want to have my own and if I have to endure all of those, so be it. I know my sweet pumpkin wont leave me, and then there’s Mum, my sister, her spouse and baby LJ.

So, if there will be times that I wont be able to blog so much in a month, that’s probably because of our little angel here, but she grows up quite fast, like a mutant, like Renesmee in twilight…I love watching her while she sleeps, she would smile, yawn, stretch..look for milk, cry a little and all that stuff that only a baby can do.

But you guys can expect more pictures soon, I am not sure if her mom will have time to blog about her, but I will definitely find time to do so… I am such a proud Aunt, and my Mum – oh my Mum, she’s never been happy…it’s been a while since she held a baby in her arms…so of course she’s very very happy with her 1st grandchild.



Busy Day or Month Ahead

This is it, the moment that I have been waiting for…although I cannot be “specific” about it but it’s here, HUGE changes coming our way…well usually the 1st week of each month is like the busiest ever, I guess in each company, they would always have to come up with a list of AFIs, achievements etc., to-do-list,, goals or whatever…anything that will make the business grow. 

But then again, can’t complain….this is the reason why I got bacon, my bread and butter and a whole lot of things!


I am just so lucky that I am working…despite the fact that I have to learn how to live like a vampire 😀 


And with the holiday season – oh my, it is just around the corner my friends! Everybody’s excited and giddy about it…

WAIT! Are you excited? You know, Halloween? Oh, I love to wear costumes on Halloween – yes! I am turning 28 years old and I still love Halloween Party 😀  

My sister is about to give birth anytime – oh my gosh, my 1st niece :D!

Then her birthday….then my birthday….then Christmas…

Yes! I am pretty excited about so many things…although I am going to be a bit busier 😀 

Till next time,