sisterly love

Hello everyone! Last month my sister celebrated her 27th birthday, can’t believe how we’ve grown up like this…it feels like it was just yesterday when we were fighting over our toys and we could here Mother saying “nag-aaway na naman kayo, dadalawa na ngalang kayo, away pa kayo ng away” – this scenario is happening like everyday, but of course it decreases when we were in high school and college. I can say that she’s a “woman” now that she got a baby, who looks like me 😀 haha. I’ve noticed a lot of changes in her after she gave birth…well as for me, I’m still a kid although I am older than her, my decisions or actions are still childlike…err, I don’t know why.

Anyways, it’s been a while since we played in front of the camera, thanks to her bf who was a playful but annoying photographer.


Me and Sister, holding our picture when we were younger. The pic was taken in front of our house, I think I was 4 yrs old and she was 3.


With our little Christmas tree, but we’ve change our tree, she bought a bigger one 😀




~ her boyfriend’s being funny.


~ got us laughing 😀


♥ love our floral dress 😀


~ wasn’t ready for a shot, not smiling yet.

So we went out and this is the same spot as we had it on our picture.






~ we tried to imitate our look/pose on our picture but we just can’t, she’s sooo taller than me.


~ i look taller here, that’s because I’m stepping on my laundry stool 😀


~ this is the closes that we could get ~





~ LOL ~


~ Glad you had a happy celebration, as always I’m wishing you more birthdays to come, healthy life not just for you but for baby Eljay as well.

You guys pretty much have an idea how we are now as sisters, we used to fight every freaking day, then we learned how to borrow clothes from each other, be friends with the other’s friends, liked the same band or type of music – it’s hard to imagine my life without her, after all she’s my one and only sister…

I’ve read a few blog posts with the same title, it’s nice knowing their stories too.

Out of Your Reach

In response to Daily Prompt, I only get to do this once in a blue moon, teehihi.

Although I did promise myself to take blogging more seriously, and again I have my fingers crossed on that. I am going through some changes (actually a lot). I have listed down the things that I have to keep doing and the things that I have to let go, got some major decisions to do in the next few weeks & thinking about it, is actually exhausting – oh, nuff of that! I will probably share more about it some other day. Let’s move on.

One thing that I really really wanted to have,like I felt like dying when I was  a kid because I know that my Mum will never ever get to afford to get me one – and I never did.

That my friend is…



*credits to the owner, I just googled the pic*

Back when I was in grade school, my cousins and some of our friends (I think) got this, me and my sister never had one, we only got the chance to play this at our cousin’s house.

Back then: This is like the coolest game ever! The greatest invention!  I think Super Mario got famous because of this, well that’s the only game I got to play. I remember the times when we have to blow that little thing you put on if the games is kinda acting up. Ha! Those were the days.

But we got barbie dolls, kitchen set, all the other girly stuff but not this 😀

Feels good sharing this 🙂


Honesty Challenge : Day 28

Day 28: What would you do if you found out the person you like was in a relationship? 

Nothing 😀 , it happened several times, I’m not the one who will ruin someone else’s relationship and I’m sure that I don’t want to ruin mine :D.

Besides whatever I felt is more of like a physical attraction, nothing more.