Honesty Challenge : Day 23

Day 23: Describe yourself in one word.


sweet as a candy

sweet as a candy


Rants Rants Rants

Warning : I might be a little harsh – just a little….

Don’t you just hate it when you are surrounded with stupid people? It is confidential for Pete’s sake, that means you are not supposed to talk about it in public place or even in public transportation, like bus!

The couple beside was checking their papers and talking about whatever is written there and the guy on my right is talking to someone on the phone…explaining the damn papers… We have all been warned, although it would be so hard not to talk about it but they should have at least discussed those issues within the POE or maybe at their home…

Jeeez! They made me one hell of a paranoid girl trapped in bus full of scary looking people…I was so freaking out!  Can’t help myself but to roll my eyes out on the couple beside me, trying to give them the message of “Shut-the-hell-up!!!” , but i guess they’re so stupid that they didn’t get the message – what’s wrong with you people?!?!

They are so unbelievable! Simple word, simple instructions…and they can’t follow through…

they are so effin stupid!

There…done with my rants…

Honesty Challenge : Day 22

Day 22: Does the last person you held hands with mean something to you?

Yes, absolutely! We’ve been friends for 7 years now 😀 I miss hanging out with her. She’s nothing but a true friend, I love her so.

Cheese and Me

Cheese and Me

Honesty Challenge : Day 21

Day 21: Have you ever wished on a shooting star?

shooting star

Yes, when I was younger…I don’t get to see a lot of shooting star right now…I wish I could.

But now I am making wishes when the moon is full – I don’t know why, but full moon is just fascinating.

Honesty Challenge : Day 20

Gaah, I thought I wont be able to retrieve the copy of this challenge, my puppy love (my boyfriend) reformatted our laptop twice and I thought I lost the questions to this challenge, the last answered challenge was in April 😀

Day 20: How many people can you tell just about everything to?

Hmm, Let me think… Four  😀


+ my puppy love ( Jo)  ♥


+ my girl friends : Zee, Govee, Mimi 😀

These people are so far the bestest! I can talk to them about my stupidity, clumsiness, achievements, dreams/goals, plans – anything under the sun, they wont judge me, they will tell me, straight to my face if it’s good or bad. Most of the time they support me.

I am just glad and I feel so lucky surrounded by amazing friends.

This question actually reminded me of a quote I read probably in weheartit.com, goes something like this.

“You don’t need a lot of friends, just a few good ones that are REAL”.

So true, I know a lot of people and consider them as my friends – though I am not trying to be Ms.Friendship, I guess it’s easy for me to learn to “blend in”.

The past couple of years, Jo and my girlfriends has been my constant “listeners”.


Link to HD Challenge Day 1 (and the rest of the questions):


Butter Up!

Hey everyone! I think it’s a lovely Wednesday morning here in Manila – suddenly I just thought of talking about the weather, well it was raining yesterday, which is somehow unexpected…but then again, weather have moodswings too, and it changes whenever it wants to.

And yeah, well I know I just posted something yesterday about 50 shades and since I’m done reading the book I thought of blogging again, my attempt to reconcile with my beloved blog after several weeks of neglecting it.

And can I just say that I love the 50 Shades Trilogy, I’m sure I mentioned that yesterday, for me it is really inspiring, specially for couples who’s thinking of so many ways to keep the fire burning, also for single ladies waiting for the right guy that will sweep them off of their feet and fall in love like they have never loved before, I’m not sure with guys though…I don’t know too many guys who’s in to reading books like this. I am sure that I’m gonna read this book over and over and over again, in fact I started reading it again last night.

I love Eva Cassidy, I am so glad that book reminded me of her, such a very soothing voice, relaxing, makes me feel calm…

I just thought that it is more productive than playing games in FB, I’d rather read this book again or stuff online about health, money management, food etc than playing games…actually playing games in FB stresses me out – so yeah I am giving up on those games, I guess if there’s really nothing left for me to do I would play again.

Anyway – nuff of that 50 shades (although I am not sure if I will ever get enough of that), just sharing stuff that I am using for my skin.

As we all know (if you don’t, well you’ll know anyway) here in Manila, we only have 2 Season, Summer and Rainy, and whenever the season switched, it affects me so much because my skin is unable to keep up with it – hmm, I think I have exaggerated the situation.

Well, what I am trying to say is that, my skin is somewhat sensitive with our weather and I use different products to keep my skin in good condition. I’m used to moisturizing it by putting on lotion, but then someone suggested “body butter”, I checked the mall/boutiques selling this items and high-end products are soooooo way way way way beyond my budget. But then again my hope did not falter and saw 2 brands of body butter that is within my budget, just to give it a try.

But I will try some body butter from The Body Shop 

Here it is.


(1) Sohpie Paris Strawberry Milk Body Butter – has a sweet scent (2) G-lish Secret Garden (in sweet pea) – lavender scent, which is so calming, I prefer using this after I took a shower, before sleeping.


 Sohpie’s a lot softer, like milk on your skin while the G-Lish is more of like a clay, I prefer the lavender scent though.


Other products that I am using,

(1) Jergens – I grew up using this lotion, my mum was using this but then her brothers has been sending lotions from abroad, she prefers using those b/c of the scent, it’s like she’s sprayed on some perfume too. I use Jergens during rainy season,when the temperature’s cooler,it keeps my skin hydrated/moisturized for the whole day.

(2) Vaseline – this one I use during summer season, has Vitamin B3 (triple sunscreen) , although I have to put this twice a day (or whenever I think it’s necessary), specially when I’m off from work, by 8AM when the sun’s already up and it’s freaking hot.

(3) random lotion , that’s Avea which is from a family friend, I put it on that strawberry bottle so it’s easier for me to get some lotion, but I’m only using this when I’m at home &  got nowhere else to go.

With soap, I can use any brand of body soap, my skin doesn’t react to that, although I prefer body wash 😀 , I use body scrub at least once a week, I forgot the brand and I am too lazy to go downstairs to check it, I will probably blog about it in the future.

So that’s about it. I’m it itching to go back in reading 50 shades again, I never felt something like this when it comes to reading books, 1st time, oh the  charms of Christian Grey, ha ha.

A Girl Can Dream

Hey everyone! I hope all is well 😀

I have been pre-occupied by the “50 Shades” Mania. I never thought that I would become such a big fan of this erotic-romantic novel. We’ve had a little idle moments at work and during those hours I have noticed that my friends were too busy reading something, when I asked them what’s is it about they said they’re reading Angels and Demons and 50 Shades of Grey – hmm, sounds interesting so I decided to read Angels and Demons 1st. I  thought it’ll change my views as a Christian but I’m glad I’ve read all through it, it made me happy and proud that I am a Christian.

I know it was just a literary masterpiece, fictitious and all that but has made a “point”. I bought a dvd copy of the movie and although it has a huge difference, the essence is still there.

But nuff of the A & D. I am so addicted to 50 Shades Trilogy.

It made me realize how lucky I am to have my sweet pumpkin pie, ever since I started reading the book I have imagine me and him playing the role of Grey and Ana, can’t help but giggle all the time. The “doing-the-deed-part” is just a bonus you know, it was just presented in the story in details but I am more in to their love story, it is indeed romantic.

A guy can change or someone can change once they have found what /who they need. A guy like Christian Grey does exist in the real world, wealthy, dominant but have dark pasts…which reminds of Chuck Bass (gossip girl). People  like them…or I guess most of us, have certain “characteristics” brought about by our past – yes it could be good, could also be bad…humans learned certain defense mechanisms to get over it – okay,jeez, I don’t mean to be so technical or sound like a psyche or something – it’s just that I’m pretty familiar with those kind of issues since it was one of my interests when I was in College (nursing grad).

But yes, people can change if they will just embrace the truth.

Everything that Grey did to Ana is soooooo freaking romantic, I’m sure any girl who would have that kind of guy will be the happiest!

As I am to my sweet pumpkin pie. He is not so much like Christian Grey but he sure knows how to make me feel “loved”, knows how to sweep me off of my feet, takes care of me…and he makes me feel that he’s always here for me.

Eva Cassidy was mentioned in 50 Shades Darker, so I googled her and downloaded some of her songs, and made me realized that her version of Time After Time is my all time favorite! 😀

So whenever I’m reading 50 Shades I have her as my background music.

I’d probably be able to finish the 3rd and final book today or tomorrow…but I am sure as hell, I will read this book over and over and over and over again – makes me happy, makes my pumpkin pie happy too, although he would rather see the movie and not read the book.


: me and my way-better-than-christian grey sweet pumpkin pie, as I have imagine it,  Christian Grey probably looks better than my partner but then again Christian Grey exist in that book, this guy with me is for real 😀 and I am so lucky to have him.

And it’s all over the news, Charlie Hunnam is going to play Christian Grey, gosh I really thought it’s going to be Ian S. from The Vampire Diaries but then again Charlie looks great too, we’ve seen him in Pacific Rim and yes, he’s freaking hot! I cannot comment though about Dakota Johnson I saw some of her photos and yeah, given that she’ll have to dye her hair maybe be she can pull it off – we shall all see once the movie is out.


: They don’t look so bad after all, I’m sure they’ll do everything to pull it off and not disappoint the fans – photo linked to buzzsugar,com

2 Thumbs up for this book 😀

yesterday, it was part of my breakfast – in bed.


It’s actually a good way to begin and end the day with 😀