hello 2012

I know we’re already on the 3rd week of the year, this might be a bit late to really welcome 2012, should’ve done this during the 1st few days but I was really busy with a lot of things.

For a moment I was an unhappy camper – I would probably tell you guys why sooner or later…

 I couldn’t be thankful enough for everything that happened. Ya know though I’m a year older now I haven’t really grown up. I’ve made several decisions / choices that are really disappointing but at the end of the day I’m still thankful , I believe everything happens for a reason, it will serve its purpose in due time.  And besides those decisions helped me to become a better person.

I have crossed out a lot of things on my 2011 lists of things I need to do, things I want and I need – YAY! Good job Joyce!

One good lesson from last year , I should, would, could and motivate myself  and that my happiness, success and sense of  fulfillment does not depend on anyone else. 

People said and did a lot of nasty stuff , some people disappointed me, hurt me and made me feel really bad – but it’s a good thing I’m surrounded with people who knows how to make me feel better – and sometimes it amazes me how fate or destiny or maybe nature balances things out for me.

Really looking forward a better 2012, as what feng shui says this is great year for people born under the sign of Ox and Sagittarius, me and my Mum bought 5 books about this year’s prediction, I don’t know why I love reading those stuff about Feng Shui, predictions, lucky charms and the likes…I’m not Chinese though.

Actually I feel lucky most of the time. Except for the 1st part of this week, I’m feeling kinda sick.

But anyways, just thought of dropping by, my blog went on a long vacation too. Actually I got a little busy and I still need to figure out how to really manage my time. We’re taking care of my younger cousins, oh boy, kids need a lot of attention…they’re taking much from me. Oh well.

I terribly miss reading a lot of stuff online, before going to sleep.

Oh btw, during the early part of 2011 a friend of a friend told me something, apparently she knows how to read palm and can somehow predict things that will happen in the future…she was damn right!

Ciao for now!