Take A Bow

How about a round of applause…standing ovation…

Naah, I ain’t gonna blog about Rihanna’s song…not even Madonna’s, just thought it would be a perfect title for my entry today, I just realized this last week – last month I bought my navy blue shoes with a bow on it and then couple of weeks ago I bought slippers with bow on it too.

I was so glad seeing them on our shoe rack that I decided to take a picture of it.SAM_5326

I so love them, but then I thought about getting a ring that’s a bow, like the next pic.

bow ring

Picture from weheartit.com. Pink-glittery bow, reminds me of Hello Kitty.

Or maybe get a bow to tie my hair,like the next pic.

bow hair

Pic fr sparkling-jenna@tumblr.com – I don’t know what’s with blue but it looks good.

But this isn’t going to be a collection , I guess I just feel like having them now…eventually I will probably get tired of it.I don’t know, maybe, just maybe.