Tummy Talks and then some…

Hello guys here’s another episode for tummy talks 🙂 this happened over the weekend…say hello to carbs , ha ha!

At Kenny Rogers Roasters, our lunch before watching Breaking Dawn Part 2 🙂

Mimi’s food : muffin, spaghetti , chicken and mac salad

mine: Spaghetti Carbonara and large rootbeer

Zee’s meal : muffin. chicken, rice and Cheese Mac

And can I just say that the movie was great! I enjoyed it, except for one thing and I wont tell what it is :), the effects for the introduction was so cool, interchanging the veins/blood with snow/snowflakes…had fun while watching for a few seconds.

I was so amazed with the powers of those vampires taken as witnesses, omg if I have to pick one power from the characters I’d pick the electric girl, or maybe Bella’s shield or maybe Alice’s…ha ha…it’s hard to choose.

Dakota is so pretty! She didn’t talk the entire movie and I thought the guy with her is Justin Biebs hi hi…

Emmett is such a comedian.

Oh and I love the cottage like house for Edward and Bella, it’s so cozy…and…I don’t know but it looks romantic

The fight scene was incredible! Too bad not all vamps was able to showcase their powers…I think I said oh my God more than 10x, this guy died and the other did, I almost cried when the 1st wolf died…I hate that part, the wolf is so cute I kinda wanted to have it as a pet – I never thought that wolf can be that huge yet so cute. 

Kristen’s stoic character is unbelievable, it seems like she only have one facial expression whatever the emotion she’s portraying, I don’t know if it gives justice to Bella I haven’t read the book so it’s hard for me to tell.

Yes, I haven’t read the book (silly me) but I will soon. One good thing about not reading the book is that you don’t know what to expect, you’re so excited to see what’s going to happen and all that, no disappointment. Not like with Harry Potter, I got some disappointments, but it’s okay.  I love Harry Potter no matter what.

Anyway, here’s another set of photos.

Mama dear and me

At Sbarro after we attend the Sunday mass

Mama’s meal : Chicken something Salad


my favorite! Pepperoni & Sausage Stuffed Pizza

Yum! Yum! Yum!

Sweetie’s food, forgot what its called 🙂

He likes his pizza way too hot and spicy! He put hot sauce, garlic and basil. I like that kind of pizza too, pizza stuffed with pasta with their yummy white sauce but I don’t put hot sauce on my pizza.

mine and his

Sooooooo love pizza!

That’s about it for now 🙂


Almost There…but not there…

Hah! I can’t think of any other good title for my entry tonight, I’m actually referring to Christmas.Been a while since the last time I blog and hoppin on to someone else’s blog (especially the people I follow in bloglovin ) time sees to fly when you’re busy yet having fun at the same time.

But I must admit that I run into some emotional days, not so long ago and the fact that I am currently listening to Bruno Mars’ It will rain…makes me feel a little sad. But this feeling will soon be over…I have to move on…and whenever I get this feeling I always end up telling myself “you should’ve done this long time ago, you need not to wait for almost 4 years to realize that you have to move on”.

I did move on, several times..

Oh well, can’t always have my hopes high for that man. But you know when you love someone, you will always love them…even when you’re not together. I’m glad I met him and I have no regrets…I just couldn’t believe I loved someone that much…it consumes me and I thought I wouldn’t have the courage to really move on…

But Bruno Mars’ song doesn’t really describes how I feel, it’s more of like me thinking if he could ever say those words…

Well, enough of the “emo” moments…a lot of things made me happy and some things are keeping me happy…well it’s the season to be happy anyways… Christmas is coming!YAY!

Spent a lot after getting my 13th month pay, I have my own camera already – Samsung PL120, I love it! A pair of new shoes & sandals ha ha! And a lot more!

And to share some of the pictures I took using my camera, here are the photos of our Thanksgiving / Jungle Safari Party last 11/24/2011 at Congo Grille, Westgate, Alabang.

The girls from our team with our new boss, Tony.

Mimi, Zandy, Me and Myla.

with Myla and Katy.

similar dress…different color…ha ha!

with my good friend Chris, planning to have me as a godmother of his son.ok! Geeesh I’m all smiley here.

with Jovs, I know it’s a blurry pic, but I love it!

Then today, me Zandy, Mimi and her bf watched Breaking Dawn. I am not such a fan of twilight, I never had the chance to read the books…I saw part 1…missed the 2nd and 3rd part…ha ha ha, but I thought that it was a good idea to hang out with the girls…I’m glad I did!

Some parts of the movie I did not understand, I wasn’t able to really follow thru it because I don’t know the story at all…well at least I know it’s a love story. I used to like Kirsten Stewart before she became known as “Bella Swan” , I mean before she started wearing high heels. I like her wearing an all girly girl dress then sneakers. I think that’s pretty cool!

But I think the movie in general is good, more likely I will wait for the 2nd part. I would want to see how it ends.And I’m glad to hear Flightless Bird, American Mouth again…that was the song when they 1st danced right? After hearing that song in Twilight it got stuck in my head for weeks…seriously!

I love the wedding…I think it’s really really amazing! Anyways, here are our pictures at Alabang Town Center…but wait I remember something, guess who we spotted over there…

yes, Matteo Guidicelli…we we’re just checking out some items and we saw these guys wearing “Event Security” apparently they’re guarding Matteo, then all of a sudden this girl started screaming his name… good Lord, she’s gone crazy!

Anyways, here are some of our happy pix! Lunch at Shakeys!

the couple that loves to goof around each other

Zandy and me…pa-tweetums lang.

See our photographer? Salamat Kuya 🙂

Before they attack the free pizza for Khristian because it’s his birthday!

After watching the movie and strolling around the mall, looking for “something funny” for our exchange gifts…we all agreed to eat ice cream at FIC, I love the white couch!

Tomorrow…I mean in a few hours will be my sister’s birthday, I have to sleep since we’ll attend the mass a bit earlier than usual.Ciao!