Tummy Talks 10

10th entry for Tummy Talks 😀 yay!

I’m actually running out of ideas hi hi, I have featured ( so far ) my favorite food and the foods I have tried for the 1st time. I think I should start eating somewhere else, wherein the food’s really interesting, hmmmm I will explore my options 🙂

Today I will share with you my Mama’s latest dessert, but wait, you guys love dessert, right? I soooooo love dessert, I love eating something sweet after having  a very huge meal 🙂

My mama just tried this “dessert” quite recently, she had this during New Year’s Eve celebration ( I think ), I loved it from first bite 😀

I call it Jelly Fish 🙂


Does it look like a fish to you?


That’s a very colorful jelly fish 🙂