Part 3

Here comes the 3rd part of bonding-with-my-cousins entry. I am so in the mood of updating my blog,despite the fact that I’m a little hungry, he he. Oh well, I may not have enough time tomorrow because I might be busy, me and Mama will go to the bank and I might see a doctor…my DOB is back! I mean, difficulty of breathing, when it’s extremely hot I’m having a hard time breathing – I hope it’s not that serious, I’m a bit scared…what if I have heart or lung problems? Aaaah! Would that mean I have to say goodbye to happy foods? I hope not!

Anyway here are the happy pictures!

yay! my jumpshot!

me and Oliver – yet another jumpshot 😀

 eating the famous “dirty icecream” or some would call it “tililing icecream”. Not the usual icecream you buy in groceries.

Me: WTH? Can’t believe he’s taller than me…he’s only 16 yrs old & I’m 25?!?!

Oliver : Ha ha ha

Oh well!

I used to carry him when he was still a baby, now it’s the other way around 🙂

My sister Lalayne and her partner JP (our photographer),hot afternoon eh.

This is Lola Remy and my Lola (Felicidad) and my smiling Mama behind them. I think it was Mama who told me that my grandparents met each other on Lola Remy’s wedding day 😀 – err,my Mum is all smiley but the Grannies are not.

Now they’re happy! 😀 My grandmother has been smoking ever since she was 12 years old – but her children are NON-SMOKERS! So good thing!

Mama and her cousin (oh, I forgot her name, she is Lola Remy’s daughter) , she told me that she used to take care of me when I was a baby while my Mama is pregnant with my sister. She told me that I was such a cute baby – until now

oh yeah! I know I have a baby picture somewhere…I’ll look for it and I will have it here in my blog.

Last picture before we left.

The Love Birds – on our way home.

Another waiting shade…echos lang…

we love taking pictures :))

The love birds again. Last pic.

This is the end of our 3rd day in Pangasinan., will blog about the 4th day soon!

Ciao everyone…I feel good after looking at these pictures again, makes me wanna go back to Pangasinan, far from this busy life in Manila – and just relax…

until I get tired of relaxing 😀


here comes part 2

Oh well, I got so excited having the 2nd part of my “bonding-with-my-cousins” blog entries. This time though Rissalyn ( we call her Sasa ) is with us and my sister’s boyfriend JP ( aka our photographer ). The pictures were taken in front of Lola Remy’s house.

 The not so serious shot…Sasa is eating ice candy
I really wanted to laugh but I can’t, the idea is for us to act as if we were part of a choir.

 The “back” view,teehihi.

 Turn left…arms.forward.raise…Sasa did it, even though she’s so small and Lalayne is so effin tall.

 Oliver is the tallest, so he thought of doing that so Sasa wont have a hard time. Bon decided not to folllow the “idea”.

 1st attempt to have a “jump shot.

 The “jumpshot”, this is better than the 1st one.

SPOT THE DIFFERENCE on the following photos 😀

oh boy! I had fun taking those pictures…and there’s more,we decided to take a walk and saw a nice “waiting shade” and everyone agreed to take more pictures. Ha ha.

 More pictures soon…time for me to hit the sack, goodnight everyone.


having fun with my cousins (part 1)

The following photos were taken last May 2011, I was just too lazy to edit the size of the pictures and with that I never had the chance to blog about this until now.

Meet my cousins again.We were at Lola Remy’s place in Pangasinan 🙂

→ Bonbon , me and Oliver

→ Oliver got the best dimples in our clan 🙂

→ can’t remember what we were talking about

→  smiling at something

→ here, Oliver is talking about his palm, since he does the “hard works” so he was saying that his palm is a bit rough compared to his brother Bon.

 → Bon is checking his palm too.

→ making funny faces pt.1

 → making funny faces pt. 2

 Bon and Me – Me and Oliver

 → the “1st child” Bon is the 1st child of Tito (uncle) Romeo and I am the 1st child of my mum.

 → the “2nd child” My sister Lalayne is my Mum’s 2nd child and Oliver is the 2nd child of Tito Romeo.

this entry will have part 2, 3, 4…. 😀