Ryan Gosling and then some…

Let me start with the “and then some” (I like that statement) because I want to end this entry with something really great like Ryan Gosling!

It was a lazy weekend for me, time of the month again and I must admit that my patience is so little, I got pissed so easily, emotional and all that jazz. Blame it on the hormonal imbalance , but I wont feel this way if there isn’t anyone who made me feel so bad. I am a happy camper and I prefer to look at the good side of almost everything or everyone – meaning if the rest of the world is telling me to stop , I will still take the risk of pursuing what I want to do – in short I am a stubborn happy camper.

I know that if my conscience is clear and not doing something nasty I wouldn’t have to explain anything to anyone. But if someone made you feel like they look at you like an effin whore, wouldn’t you say something? Especially if that someone used to be that “someone special” in your life.

Some things are better left unsaid. If you just wanna laugh at my flaws go ahead, but you don’t have to text me and tell me all these sh*ts , you are no better than me or him. I can do whatever the heck I want because I am effin single, has been for a while!

Let’s just say that I am enjoying the feeling of being taking cared of by someone, I know I was a bit troublesome few weeks ago but I have learned my lessons , in a hard way but that’s fine.

I am not going to settle for something like this, I am taking everything so lightly and just enjoying the moment, after all they’re just another cow.

What do I mean by another cow? Check this Copulatory Imperative.

Notes To Self : Forget him and do something for yourself, the name got an effin jinx, they’re meant to break your heart and the last one did it twice, that’s enough!

Now on the brighter side of things, like Ryan Gosling!

I saw the trailer of Crazy Stupid Love and I really want to see it because of Gosling, ha ha. I think it’s a good laugh movie with a little drama and “kilig” factor  – thank God for Gosling!

The following photos are from weheartit.com – I totally ♥ this site!

: I swear I laughed so hard at this scene!

: Look at Gosling, he is so cute and Steve Carell as usual is funny.

: Yeah, he’s like photoshopped! been watching the trailer in youtube for a million times now just to see him over and over again, shirtless!

:Oh, wouldn’t it be nice if it was me instead of Emma Stone? I soooo envy her!

: I know my eyes are so bad, that’s why I have glasses & contact lens, but I really think that Ryan Gosling resembles Tom Felton (best known as Draco Malfoy) – you think so?

I think the 2 types of man (for me) can relate to this movie, 1st guy is Carell’s character – which I would describe as simple, loyal/faithful husband, a bit boring.

The 2nd type of man is Gosling’s character : easy going, have a great sense of humor and just being a cow, until he finds the perfect cow for him.

ok, here’s the video – as usual many thanks to youtube!