Tummy Talks 8:absolute favorite

Hey guys! I miss doing tummy talks, I got so busy with the holidays and with some stuff at work so I never get the chance to update tummy talks until now. Thank God it’s Saturday 😀

The following are my absolute favorite!Bon Appetit!


Graham Cake or some would call it as Crema de Fruta, here are the ingredients 🙂

Graham Crackers, Peaches ( i love peaches ) , all purpose cream & milk.

SAM_2096 brownout

My dog watching me while I’m making graham cakes…


After 24 hours inside the fridge…here’s my own graham cake.

SAM_2097Lucky Me Pancit Canton (instant noodles) has been my favorite ever since I was a kid, it can be my breakfast…lunch…snack…dinner :).


CHAMPORADO. I love eating this during rainy season, I don’t know why but there are some food that tastes better during rainy/cold season. For some people they would eat it with dried fish, but I don’t. It’s weird eating something sweet and something salty at the same time.


Mom’s Fettucine Alfredo 🙂

SAM_2120Dessert! Selecta, Hershey’s Heath, this is sooooo heavenly yummy!