General Cleaning Isn’t Over

Oh boy, this is really harder than I thought – not complaining though, just saying. I know the house is smiling right now, after how many months of not having a “real” general cleaning…actually I don’t recall the last time we had one. haha.

I know…I know…I’m too lazy sometimes — most of the time  🙂

I thought of going on leave last Friday so we can start the cleaning aside from the fact that it’s petsa de peligro – nagdadahilan pa.

Our house is not that big, but we have a lot of stuff – as in A LOT! My mum is a tailor, so if there are remaining fabrics she gets to keep them and then she have the threads and everything else related to her work. We have 3 sofas, though one is kept in Mama’s room the other 2 are so big that it occupies a huge space in the living room…and then we wanted to have the dining table next to the living room so we can watch TV while eating – hah! blame it on the Pinoy Henyo, me and mum loves watching that game.

And then she got her altar, her computer table , the TV cabinet, book shelf, my keyboard etc.

We threw away a lot of stuff already, I don’t understand why Mum loves to keep stuff that she no longer used and I’d rather not enumerate those stuffs because there’s a lot!

Then we realized that some of the things that we have need to be replaced, like the TV cabinet and the book shelf… these 2 got soaked in the flood I think twice, we were just able to clean them and still make it look good…but it doesn’t really look good right  now, especially the book shelf.

Then the kitchen cabinet, Mama said that cabinet is about 26 years old. If you’ll see that cabinet you can tell that she got a huge collection of tupperwares, plates,mugs, glasses, spoon and fork.

With the TV cabinet is our collection of angels and my sister’s barbie collections.

I will definitely take a picture of these items as soon as I have my camera, I’m about to buy one this week.

And I remember we need to replace our washing machine too,  but we just need the single tub since the dryer is still working. Mama terribly needs a new monitor and CPU.

Now it seems like my 2012 list of “the stuff I need to get this year” will be longer compared to this year…that means I have to double up what I can save, oh boy! How I wish I could just win the lottery buy  everything’s that necessary and get a better place…

and here’s a few photos that is somewhat related to my entry today.

I wish my dogs can do this , it’ll be a big help!

hell yeah!

But hey, even Disney Princesses knows how to clean 🙂

That’s it for now,I know there’s a lot of posts in bloglovin but I need to sleep, back to work tonight.Ciao!