Doctor Said…

Doctor # 1 : Your right eye, have weak muscles, but it’s not alarming.  I suggest you wear eyeglasses again instead of contact lens, since that might cause further irritation and besides you are only allowed to wear your CLs up to 8 hours.

my brain says: Another doctor checked my eyes the beginning of this year and told me I can wear this for as long as I can, as long as I am not sleeping with CLs on. Well, maybe because I was using the extended version of contact lens, ones that you can use for a year or 2. but then I broke my CLs so I thought of buying CLs that are good for 3 mos only.CLs are cheaper than eyeglasses, but since I’m scared of being blind I have no choice but to get new eyeglasses – and  I spent almost P5,000.00 and it’s something that I really don’t like…can’t  believe eyeglasses can be so expensive.

Doctor # 2: My complain was headache and difficulty of breathing.

After a few questions about my lifestyle

He said : Your work is taking it’s toll on you I want you to request to be in a dayshift.

I want you to cut your hair too, it’s too long. Natutuyo na yan pag nasa aircon ka, that can cause water in your lungs kaya ka nahihirapan huminga. And make sure  na pag naliligo ka 10 minutes lang.Make sure the hair is above your shoulders. This can also lead to heart enlargement. You’re still young…you’ll have your own family one day…imagine if you got pregnant and you’re having a hard time breathing.

Don’t sleep for 13 hours on Saturdays, kelangan kumikilos ka din,hindi pwedeng nakahiga ng ganun katagal, magstretching pagkagising, wag maligo agad.

Exercise, condition your health.

Eat red apples instead of green apples, don’t eat melon.

10 glasses of water everyday,minimum!

Buy the following vitamins and come back here on Thursday, make sure you have short hair already.

Gusto ko matulog ka na pagkauwi mo.

ME: I love the nightlife, though I have thoughts of getting into a dayjob , it’s a huge adjustment…I am living like a vampire.

Thanks to my sister for this edited pic, in an attempt to make me like a vamp.

I don’t want to cut my hair, not above my shoulders oh my that’s too short, and besides hindi naman talaga siya natutuyo sa likod ko eh… I have free blow hair dry every night…on my way to work ( sa jeep he he )

Fine! I wont sleep for more than 10 hours on Saturday’s, that’s something manageable, yes I’m stretching naman pagkagising ko. And maybe I’ll sign up for fitness 1st or maybe slimmer’s world next year, he he…I can do jogging naman for now or walkathon, I do it everyday 🙂

but I love green apple

Water!I love water…kung pwede ko lang itabi yung drinking fountain sa workstation ko ginawa ko na 🙂

No I wont go back…the vitamins/medicines he wants me to take costs more than P2,000.00 . I’ll go to my Mum’s doctor nalang, besides I only have headache and dyspnea when it’s too hot.

Ha ha I’m too stubborn Doc!

Not that I don’t trust them, but I guess it wont hurt to always get a 2nd opinion right?