Sunday : we ♥ re-usable / eco-friendly bags

We thought of attending the 6:45 AM mass, and the priest was right, it was indeed a great day…cloudy, not hot – weather is just right for me. I woke up at 330AM because my plan for the day is actually go to ATC with Mum sometime in the afternoon, but then there will always be that something that will ruin your plans,right? Oh well, but it wasn’t that bad (not at all).

You know what for some reason, I have appreciated a lot of things today, like talking while walking holding hands with my mom from Church to Pan De Manila , we bought Cheese Pandesal, Classic Ensaymada (which is my favorite), Cheese Pesto Pandesal and Pandesal of course , we bought a lot for the Chikiting paTROLLS and our grandparents…just enough so we can buy the Pan De Manila re-usable bag. Then Mama asked if I want to have breakfast at Jollibee, who would say no to that?  I’m actually craving for Sausage and Egg Pandesal, Fries and Coke Float – yeah so much for my heavenly breakfast.

Mama had Sausage and Egg Pandesal too but with hot choco, but she asked for ice, it was soooo hot that she can’t drink it 😀

Me, enjoying the cold coke float…I like dipping my fries sa sundae, instead of ketchup. Yum Yum Yum – yes we’re both wearing red.

When we got home, my cousin Jr (turning 2 next month) is already awake, at the sight of us he started clapping and smiling.

And I just realized we have a growing collection of re-usable bags and I bet we’ll have more, because I love re-usable bags. People should have thought about this long time ago. Most of the malls and grocery store no longer use plastic, unless it’s really necessary.

Actually this is not all of it yet, the Michaela is with Tonyo, while the other green bags got lost.  On the picture is me and Andrei when he was still a baby, and that  cabinet is older than me.

The one with circles is my Mum’s, it was a gift from her good friend. I bought the floral one, the black one is from my previous boss.

From Pan De Manila, worth P5.00 if you have bought P200.00 worth of bread.

From Avon



Puregold Jr.

SM Shopping bags.

i ♥ shopping at SM department store.

this is one is really big.

Green grocery bags.

Save a bag, save the world.I think this is their 1st design/version of eco-friendly bags.

This is their 2nd version (I think)

Their latest design, I choose to reUSE.

from YRYS, one of my favorite clothing brand.

If these were invented long time ago, we wouldn’t have to really use plastics.