Take A Bow

How about a round of applause…standing ovation…

Naah, I ain’t gonna blog about Rihanna’s song…not even Madonna’s, just thought it would be a perfect title for my entry today, I just realized this last week – last month I bought my navy blue shoes with a bow on it and then couple of weeks ago I bought slippers with bow on it too.

I was so glad seeing them on our shoe rack that I decided to take a picture of it.SAM_5326

I so love them, but then I thought about getting a ring that’s a bow, like the next pic.

bow ring

Picture from weheartit.com. Pink-glittery bow, reminds me of Hello Kitty.

Or maybe get a bow to tie my hair,like the next pic.

bow hair

Pic fr sparkling-jenna@tumblr.com – I don’t know what’s with blue but it looks good.

But this isn’t going to be a collection , I guess I just feel like having them now…eventually I will probably get tired of it.I don’t know, maybe, just maybe.

joycessist: Tagaytay City road trip

Hello guys! How are you doing? Hot Tuesday morning here in Manila, whew! Summer is just around the corner, I walked with my mom earlier, she needed to buy some veggies (elk!), I was all sweaty while walking, oh boy!

Are you guys getting ready for the summer? I am so getting ready for it! Me and my friends decided to go Puerto Galera next month, it’s gonna be exciting and I bet that this is going to be one of the best summer escapades of my life! I don’t usually do this, like going to the beach with my friends or with my family, I am always working my ass off and the only “self-indulgence-treat” that I can think of is eating something extravagant. I’m so glad that I am surrounded with people who’s been very supportive and somewhat adventurous. :D. I am so excited!

Anyway, here’s another episode ( I cannot think of a better term) for my regular blog entry “joycessist”, wherein you’ll realize how fool/full of myself I am.

Forgive me. 😀

I took a few photos during our road trip to Tagaytay City last November, after or Thanksgiving Party.

joycessist_TC 3

~ our 1st stop, the place is cool, you’ll get to see Taal Lake in full view which is absolutely breath taking. My friends kinda think my hat is cool, made me look like I’m from Russia.

joycessist_TC 4

joycessist_TC 5

~ Fell in love with this unique dining set. So I thought that I need to take a pic with it.

joycessist_TC 6

~ really full of myself.

joycessist_TC 7~ while the rest are talking about what to do next or where to go next after we have our super early breakfast , I was still busy taking photos of myself and the crew that I am with.

joycessist_TC 2 joycessist_TC 1~ The last 2 photos were taken by Katy 😀

So there, you have it, I’ve started editing our pictures when we went to Baguio City. Kinda miss these places, Tagaytay and Baguio…2 of the coolest cities here in Philippines, I wish they weren’t miles away from Manila.

Thanks for checking out, have a great day! xOxO

the birth of Joycessist

Hello again people 😀 this is my 3rd entry for the month, 3 entries in a row! What an achievement Jo Jo! Good job!

Well, as it says on my *about* page my mind is constantly wondering, most of the time I think about what to blog next, just to let you guys know I have like thousands of pictures in my laptop that I really really want to share. I just never had the “luxurious time” to do so.

I live like a vampire you know, I work at night and when I got home in the morning my mind is too tired to gather up “interesting” thoughts to put here in my blog – errr, I am not even sure if that sounds right, I might be grammatically wrong :).I just got home from work about 3 hours ago, I work for 9 hours a day and this week was a bit exhausting for me…talking to a hundred (or more) clients in just one week explaining complicated stuff…whew, sounds pretty tiring but I consider myself “VERY LUCKY” to be in this job. I wont be working there for almost 7 years if it wasn’t that good, so since I’ve been awake for a little over 12 hours – my brain’s kinda asking me to take a break…actually I am a little sleepy, but I don’t want to sleep yet 🙂

I just have to do this. I’m sure you guys noticed my new header ? 😀


“joycessist” in the making, back in 2011 at Baguio City,PH.

Well I know this is a crazy idea, but I like it, so I think I am crazy 🙂

Ever since my dear friend Rica lend me her camera I’ve been (somewhat) addicted to taking photos of myself, even got more addicted when I got my own camera. I am not beautiful, I know that but I am pretty cute 😀 (ha ha ha),oh my gee I might loose some readers (I hope not)

I love myself 🙂

joycessist one-001

One day I was reminded of the word “narcissist” – extreme love for your self. I thought of adding the term to my name Joyce, so I got Joycessist – told you all,this is crazy. Then I came to realize that out of the thousand pictures in my laptop, about 60% of it is just me…myself…and I.

So today, I am making it official…. Joycessist is born! bwaahahaha!

Aside from my regular entries (blog challenges and tummy talks), Joycessist will be a regular entry from now on, wherein you’ll see me (who else?). You’ll probably have an idea of my “fashion sense” which is not that updated, so constructive criticism is very much appreciated.


~ my sister LB, took this picture and edited it as well. This was in 2011, I am actually in a bus stop, going to Baguio City.


~ In front of the Pink Sisters Cathedral in Baguio City, we just had lunch so my tummy is quite noticeable, hi hi.

crazy idea isn’t it? But this is it for now , you can expect more from this ambisyosang gal who loves herself so much.

But loving yourself isn’t bad at all, as long as you’re not harming other people and that you don’t cause trouble, I think it’s okay, as the saying goes, you gotta love yourself first before you can actually love others…

and I am not such a narcissist, I love myself enough to make people realize that I am lovable, people think that I am such a snob, but I’m not.

So, okay, that’s it for today, I don’t think this made any sense but whatever! I am going to sleep now.Take care everyone!

Happy weekend! Kung Hei Fat Choi!