Tummy Talks (2)

Hey everyone! I’m sorry I know I told you guys I’ll be back in just a few hours but it took a day before I was able to blog again. Me and my sister bought a few more stuffs for the wedding, I’m actually planning of taking a few photos to share and I will probably do so in a few days.

And I also wanted to say thank you for everybody who liked the 1st part of “Tummy Talks”, I really really appreciate it and I figured that “food” is actually one of the main topics in blogosphere, so I’m really glad that I came into this idea of blogging about food. So to everyone who visited, liked and followed me…here’s a warm bear hug for you all.

and of course,

love you all!

So without further due  here is the 2nd part of “tummy talks” and just to let you guys know this is really my favorite…it doesn’t matter where it came from as long as it’s pizza (ALL MEAT) I will definitely eat it, Anaconda (my tummy) loves it very much!

: March 3 2012 , Pizza Hut with my friends

Mozzarella Sticks

Oh yeah, I love mozzarella too!

Bacon & Cheese Lovers

This is my 2nd favorite from Pizza Hut, the 1st is their all meat / meat lovers pizza.

Joyce and Fettuccine Alfredo

Another favorite, if I can only eat 2 types of food everyday I would definitely choose Pizza and Pasta, I know carbs-galore but it is so eff-in good!

my friend “Zee”

I forgot what she ordered, but I obviously it is pasta.

my friend “Mimi”

She got Penne something pasta, can’t remember as well 🙂

Anaconda was very happy after our meal.

A month after we all decided to try MAGNUM, ice cream coated with yummy Belgian chocolate (sinful food), it was something new at that time and everybody wanted to try it as soon as possible and it’s so funny because people who tried Magnum took pictures of themselves and then share it in FB or Twitter or somewhere else,so we thought of doing the same thing.

Magnum Experience

as you can see, Zee got chocolate truffle, I got classic & Mimi got the Almond flavor, it was so effin good as well but then it is something that you wouldn’t want to eat everyday…

So that’s about it, thank you guys again for checking on my blog 🙂