How To Flirt

thanks to “Girl on the Contrary” for posting this on her blog, and of course thanks to youtube again. I cannot believe that this sort of things is available in youtube, I don’t normally watch videos in youtube unless I really really need to. And most of the time I would just watch music videos.

And I will quote her question too “Why don’t they teach this in schools?”

Anyways here is the video 😀

Never thought that flirting can be some sort of art and/or science. I don’t usually go out (and I kinda miss that now) and when I do (of course with my friends) I am usually effin quiet – I think so. Well the thing is I don’t say “hi” first and I’m a bit of a snub, so no wonder I haven’t been in a relationship for a loooooooooooooooong time , in fact I’m not even sure if I can do this.

All I need is a Positive Attitude (which I am pretty sure I have) and Confidence ( I will need a super HIGH level of this, is this available in any pharmacy – joke! ).

No hitting below the belt.

According to one study : Winking, smiling and making eye contact are the 3 most successful flirting techniques –  so, Happy Hunting girls.

This actually reminds me of one of my “snub” moments.

We went bar hopping 1 night, last stop was somewhere in Makati. Everyone is dancing, but since I don’t dance I was just staying in one corner with my friends and drinking, a little tipsy and I know that my body is moving to the beat of the music. I noticed this guy ( a foreigner ) is dancing right next to me, but then I turn around without even looking at his effin face to check of he is cute or not. Ha ha, I know I’m stupid for acting that way! Oh boy!

I guess I will try to do this next time,meanwhile I’ll keep this in mind.

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