Hey everyone, so I have been busy, work has been challenging now that we are under a new management team, and then there were gossips involving my dear friends…so we’ve been talking about “how to deal with it”. My new niece, oh she is such an angel, I love watching her while she sleeps…and then I have to learn how to handle my finances the right away.

So many things to do that I have to stop blogging for a while. 😀

Last week, me and my girlfriends finally had the chance to eat together again,we’ve talked about the gossips, our finances, our lives and where to go next…

Our pictures were taken using MyPhone Vortex 😀


Lunch at Pancake House, have the best pancakes ever!

IMG_20131017_112032 IMG_20131017_112044

Picture taking while waiting for our food 😀


My meal : Rice , special salisbury steak and Corn & Carrots on the side.


Here’s dessert : I ordered Banana Split, Mimi got one scoop of Vanilla and Strawberry ice cream.





That is all for now 😀 be back soon (hopefully)


Honesty Challenge : Day 20

Gaah, I thought I wont be able to retrieve the copy of this challenge, my puppy love (my boyfriend) reformatted our laptop twice and I thought I lost the questions to this challenge, the last answered challenge was in April 😀

Day 20: How many people can you tell just about everything to?

Hmm, Let me think… Four  😀


+ my puppy love ( Jo)  ♥


+ my girl friends : Zee, Govee, Mimi 😀

These people are so far the bestest! I can talk to them about my stupidity, clumsiness, achievements, dreams/goals, plans – anything under the sun, they wont judge me, they will tell me, straight to my face if it’s good or bad. Most of the time they support me.

I am just glad and I feel so lucky surrounded by amazing friends.

This question actually reminded me of a quote I read probably in, goes something like this.

“You don’t need a lot of friends, just a few good ones that are REAL”.

So true, I know a lot of people and consider them as my friends – though I am not trying to be Ms.Friendship, I guess it’s easy for me to learn to “blend in”.

The past couple of years, Jo and my girlfriends has been my constant “listeners”.


Link to HD Challenge Day 1 (and the rest of the questions):

Honesty Challenge : Day 11

Oh my gee, I have completely forgot about this challenge, hi hi hi. I have so many things that I want to blog about but can’t seem to find the perfect timing. I have yet to share our pics from Baguio…and our week long celebration of Valentines. But for now, I will do this challenge.

Day 11: First girl you’d turn to?   

Recently,when I have some questions in life I would go to Marisa (I prefer calling her Gov,because she resembles Batagas Governer Vilma Santos). She’s been a very good friend of mine since middle of last year. She’s a nurse turned BPO representative.

Probably because of the fact that she’s older than me it gives me this  feeling that she knows a lot, actually whenever I would go to her she gets to answer  my questions – but never ask her about computations or analyze your personality, she’ll bluntly tell you to go to hell, ha ha.

She is a very funny person, there’s just no dull moment when I’m with her, me and the girls are always laughing because she really have a great sense of humor.

She’s like an older sister for me, she tells me what type of clothes will look good on me, make up etc.


Me and Marisa : Baguio City, December 2012

What about you? Is there like a specific person that you turn to whenever you have questions about life?

Thanks for your time reading/checking my blog, xOxO

Party Party

Last month, we had our “annual party” , the theme was “REWIND”. it’s like going back to what’s in (fashion trend, music etc) during the 80’s,90’s and 2k. It was fun, watching the big boss dancing,dressed up and all that…totally cool!  The biggest boss in the company danced Gangnam Style (I was expecting that, I’ll be disappointed if he didn’t)

The food was absolutely delicious,compared to last year’s meal. 😀

I didn’t drink at all because if I did, I’ll feel sleepy and I may not be able to sing, few moments after the party we went “videoke-ing”.

I love singing, too bad the songs never loved me back.

Anyways,I’ve seen the performance of Maroon 5 and Alicia Keys at the Grammy’s, it was so great! I really really love it! I actually just saw their performance & Justin Timberlake’s and that’s it, hi hi. I didn’t finish it.

I saw this pic in, I love it!


2 of my all time favorite artists! They sound amazing, I think they should do a lot of songs together 🙂

Anyway, going to the real purpose of this entry, I’ll share some of our pics from the party and the after party event.



~ there will always be a moment that I can be a “narcissist” :),btw the Luau theme was the company’s theme on their 1st ever holiday party.


~ picture taking after the party (actually the party isn’t over yet, but we thought of leaving after the performance of Mocha Girls 😀 )

zandy 101

~ sleepy, tired but totally having fun!

zandy 104

~ my officemates, trying out the photo booth at Music 21 (somewhere in Makati), I was busy talking to the manager, trying to figure out the best deal 😀 , we have 5K budget for the night.

~ oh, in case you need to know from Left to Right : Cheche, Caloy (yes, that’s a boy, wearing a wig!), Mimipot, Misch (boss) and Zee

zandy 103

~ after talking to the manager, I was just trying to be funny :D, Zee thank you for this pic ha ha!

zandy 105

~ inside our room, I got the mic! LOL!


~ after 3 hours…still taking pictures :). I got so tired dancing and moving around, I brought my flat sandals.


~ Misch, loves the oversized glasses.

Okay,the following pictures is me being me, “narcissist”. I think I’m a frustrated-model- wannabe, ha ha.




~ my outfit, blouse is from my cousin, leggings/tights was a gift from my Mom last Christmas, necklace and earrings, well I bought them quite a long time ago, the necklace is actually my favorite! My sandals/wedge bought it for that event actually.

~ red and pink lipstick 🙂


~ How many inches? I have no idea, never measure it but I totally love this!.

joyce tiled-001

Okay, that’s about it, I took a few pictures but decided not to post it here, it’s gonna be a little embarrassing 🙂

I have yet to share our pics from Baguio City, where I felt like a “frustrated-super model-wanna be” 🙂

Ha ha, thanks for checking out! Take care everyone, xOxO

Honesty Challenge : Day 5

Have you ever lost a close friend?

Sort of, I know that my closest friends in the past is just out there somewhere, but we are not the way we used to be. We don’t hang out anymore, we don’t communicate as often as we did…it’s just different now.

Sad but that’s reality.

Tummy Talks 7

Mongolian Rice Bowls @ Festival Mall, Alabang : Sept 29 2012

Mongolian Mimi

Mimi and her food, I forgot what its called.

Mongolian Gov

Gov and her food, has a lot of spices actually. I tasted it, didn’t like it that much.

Mongolian Z

Zee and her food.

Mongolian Jo

Mine 🙂 chicken teriyaki, egg and rice

Happy Tummy 😀

Off of the hassle and bustle of city life…

I thought this will take me some time to blog about it, but it actually did! Haha, this is the much awaited team outing! After almost half a year of preparing and 2  cancellations, we finally did it! Yeahbah! I did a sneak peak on my last entry though…I was really excited blogging about this, but I waited for the other pictures to be uploaded first so I can check on it and collected all the pictures I want to share. So without further adieu..

This seemed like an endless road, took us a little over 2 hours to get there…

I was a little busy sending messages to my boyfriend who followed us after his work that day – sweeeeeet…..totally!!!

They look seriously funny 😀

Our room : Mhai,Miminski, Me, Gov and Zee 🙂

Miminski, Chinchot, Me and Zee

Having fun…

Sleeping Beauties…

We kinda celebrated Halloween as well with this pic and the next one…

Miminski inside the cabinet…

Outside the trailers…was talking to my bf (again).

Thanks to Chinchot for taking nice pictures of the resort.

This is Totoy Golem , our boss…and that day he was our cook as well. But the boys helped him in preparing our food.

and us girls – hi hi well we just enjoy the moment taking pictures…

Me and Chinchot

We call this “balsa”

the close – up version 🙂

whatever happened there , did not stay there 😀

breakfast with yosi , oh well…

girls again 🙂

my boyfriend took this photo…idk why 🙂

fire tree ( made up name )

Miminski as Lara Croft – kids version , ha ha

 friendly dog

mhm, me and the love of my life, I’m actually wearing his shirt.

– randomness –

this reminds of Dawson’s Creek, Tabing Ilog ( teen show ) and Britney’s song “sometimes”

hi hi i know i’m not sexy,lakas loob lang nag 2 piece 🙂  well my bf told me I’m sexy , I’m cool with that.

– the infinity pool –

my beloved team : serious mode

L to R : Miminski, Zee, Me, Owz, Mhai, Chinchot, Gov, Totoy Golem, Haraboji, DB and Chaloy (in front)

– wacky shot –

– on our way home –

but of course we didn’t go home immediately , I wanted to eat this, one of my favorite treats, vanilla fried icecream with chocolate syrup and crinkles. yummy!

 When we got home I realized that I’ve been a girl scout again for bringing these items :

Mat (plants vs zombies, though I am not a fan of the game) – needed to sleep on the floor with my bf.

pajamas – it was a bit cold.

My mom’s malong – used as a blanket.

2L of bottled water (that was actually my 2nd bottle)

Oh wow, that’s a lot of photos, but on my next entry it’ll be a tribute for my pet for one week, well a little over a week I guess. He passed away today ( july 07, 2012 ) and i feel terribly sad. I couldn’t figure out what happened to him. I will miss him.

that’s it for now, ciao!