joycessist : missing my long hair

Hello everyone! Had a great weekend? Well, mine was a little dramatic…well some arguments or issue can be re-occurring in a relationship right? It’s not that the other one doesn’t want to change but it’s more of like, it is something they have to do once in a while. I get it. Jo’s world doesn’t (and I guess should not) just revolve around me,he got his family & his friends that he grew up with. He needs to be with them too. I just thought that it was sad that I’m off for 3 days but he spent the weekend with them…I know, that’s absolutely ridiculous . I am with him everyday, I sleep with him every night, he’s only been gone for a day and a half and I’m being crazy…and I am terribly sorry that I acted that way.

But Jo was a very understanding man,he knew the reason why I reacted that way…which I will probably tell next time that I thought about it 😀

Let’s move on, last year’s hairstyle that I sort of missing. I like my short hair but I guess I got used to my long hair since I had it for more than a year.joyce longhair 1 TRY 2

joyce longhair 2

– before we attend the Sunday Mass.

joyce yellow 2 joyce yellow 3

– after our xmas shopping last year @ Noel Bazaar.

joyce longhair 4

joyce longhair 3

– after meeting my friends.

joyce red

– new year’s eve.

It was kinda difficult taking care of that kind of long hair, I have to wake up early so I can have more time in the shower since it’s heavier when it’s wet I really need time to make sure it’s perfectly washed and then every 2 weeks I have to use a hot oil conditioner/cream to make sure it wont look dull or frizzy. Have to comb every once in a while if not I would tie or braid it, and yes there were times that I have to sleep with my hair braided so it wont go to my face 🙂

Ever since I was a kid I always have long hair. I would probably cut it for a few inches and that’s it.

Well, this is it for joycessist today. Have a great day everyone, xOxO


Ocean Avenue

inspired by Yellowcard’s song Ocean Avenue, an all time favorite.

that’s me & the picture was taken nung nagbakasyon kami sa Pangasinan, actually I / we took a lot of pictures nung umuwi kami, I will definitely post more pictures soon.

I needed some time off to really relax,unwind and not think about the things that makes me go crazy.We planned that “grand vacation” way tooooooooo long due to our work, when we finally got our leaves approved…as in walang tulugan… as soon as I got home from my last day at work I packed my stuff and left immediately.

We were on vacation for 5 days and during those days I never had the chance to use the internet, which is somehow a good thing for me because I had the chance to really enjoy the company of my cousins, now I’m missing the simple life.

hmmmm, but I rather end this entry here. I still need to go over the photos once again before I upload/post it here.

this is the unedited version of the pic.

I am nice…

not unless you gave me a reason not to be…

These are the other photos taken last April 18, 2011 (sun soaked Monday morning)

|pictures were taken using the camera of my sister’s celphone , edited using & photoscape , she asked me to stand straight and stare at the sun for a while.

|My sister used the camera of my celphone (Nokia 6120) in taking this picture, edited using “photoscape”

|photo taken using my sister’s mobile phone again, edited using – argh to that effin zit!

|i simply love this emotera shot 🙂

|inspired by the song “hanging by a moment” 😀

| HMP!

hihi,ok those were my favorites 😀

Circles by Anthem Lights

The song was on my tumblr dashboard, actually it was just a cover version from 2 girls who got an amazing voice too, I thought of playing it and I fell inlove with the lyrics. I decided to check the artist in youtube too and boy they’re undeniably handsome.

Well I can relate to the message of the song and since I’m editing my photos it just occurred to me that I want this in my picture , and I must say that what I did is not that good compared to the pictures with lyrics I’m seeing from now on I will practice more in this kind of stuff.

I hope I can buy myself a new camera. I’m only using my cellphone’s camera in taking pictures and I’m spending so many hours trying to edit each photo to make them look better (but I’m still not that satisfied with my works hehe)I bet with a better camera my pictures will be soooo much better too.

more pictures too come though, I took so many pictures last week and I just can’t decide which to post first, but most of it is available in facebook already.

BTW Anthem Lights I believe is a new christian band, if I remember it right they started like right around 2007 – 2008 ish. I’m too lazy to look for their site again. haha.

Ready Set Go
This is take 37, let it roll
I’m gonna get it right this time
Gonna fight this time
This time I’m for Real
Look at me go I’m off flying Straight as an arrow
Then I feel the wind blow in Gravity sets in
and I don’t know how to deal
I always start so strong

Before you even know it
I’m right back at the start
I’m doing what I hate
and breaking my own heart
I’m going back and forth
and then forth and then back
and then round in circles
I was never meant to travel on my own
so no matter what I try If I’m trying alone
I’m going back and forth
and then forth and then back
and then round in circles

Here’s what I know
Direction goes out the window
the second that I hear your word
I forget what I heard and go on just the same
the beautiful part it doesn’t have to be this hard
I’m just deceiving myself
I know I need your help
something’s got to change
I know I need to change, because

No more insanity I’m letting go of me
all this independence has made me dizzy
and now I can’t see where I’m supposed to be
I had my turn and now my lesson’s learned
I touched the fire and I got burned
I need your healing touch
I’ve had enough
I’m tired of saying

and that’s the entire song.and just in case you wanna hear the song.try this.

the song goes to the same guy who made me love him for about 4 years now and still effin inlove with him. making me go around in circles…have no regrets though. I love loving you.