He is The Man

I grew up without my father around, he left to have his “american dream” when I was just a year old,met him when I was in high school.

But all those years that he’s not around my grandfather was there for us, he and grandma of course.

Being the eldest grandchild I get to experience his love I guess in many many ways compared to my cousins who were 10 years or more younger than me.

Every summer was spent with them…it was fun you know, growing up with my grandparents around…letting me play as long as I want to.

My Lolo (grandfather) ¬†taught me to say “yes lolo”, he’s very protective…hardworking…caring…he’s just the type of Man that you would want to have as a father.

It is his birthday today…but I don’t know how to make this day a happy day when he’s already gone.

He’s been having some health issues since 2011, I guess that’s due to his age and as we all know ¬†our body will eventually deteriorate, he fought, for a while…but I guess he knew that this day will come.

I have dreamt of kissing him in his forehead again, embrace him and just stay close to him. I guess from now on, I can only do this in my dreams.

I wish I was there.But at the same time I don’t think I can bear to see him in pain.

I wanted to him to stay for a little bit longer, I wanted to ask him to wait for me because I will go home tomorrow…but then I thought, if he wait a little bit more that means he’ll have to bear the pain for a while, waiting will prolong his agony.

I understand and I know that he’s in a better place now, no more pain Lolo. You’re probably enjoying this, you’re with your brothers and sisters and your parents.

That’s the thing with death, you know it’s coming but you can never be prepared for it.

You are the best man/father/grandfather for me Lolo.

I miss you and I love you so much, when it’s my turn…please be there for me.SAM_1629