joycessist : missing my long hair

Hello everyone! Had a great weekend? Well, mine was a little dramatic…well some arguments or issue can be re-occurring in a relationship right? It’s not that the other one doesn’t want to change but it’s more of like, it is something they have to do once in a while. I get it. Jo’s world doesn’t (and I guess should not) just revolve around me,he got his family & his friends that he grew up with. He needs to be with them too. I just thought that it was sad that I’m off for 3 days but he spent the weekend with them…I know, that’s absolutely ridiculous . I am with him everyday, I sleep with him every night, he’s only been gone for a day and a half and I’m being crazy…and I am terribly sorry that I acted that way.

But Jo was a very understanding man,he knew the reason why I reacted that way…which I will probably tell next time that I thought about it 😀

Let’s move on, last year’s hairstyle that I sort of missing. I like my short hair but I guess I got used to my long hair since I had it for more than a year.joyce longhair 1 TRY 2

joyce longhair 2

– before we attend the Sunday Mass.

joyce yellow 2 joyce yellow 3

– after our xmas shopping last year @ Noel Bazaar.

joyce longhair 4

joyce longhair 3

– after meeting my friends.

joyce red

– new year’s eve.

It was kinda difficult taking care of that kind of long hair, I have to wake up early so I can have more time in the shower since it’s heavier when it’s wet I really need time to make sure it’s perfectly washed and then every 2 weeks I have to use a hot oil conditioner/cream to make sure it wont look dull or frizzy. Have to comb every once in a while if not I would tie or braid it, and yes there were times that I have to sleep with my hair braided so it wont go to my face 🙂

Ever since I was a kid I always have long hair. I would probably cut it for a few inches and that’s it.

Well, this is it for joycessist today. Have a great day everyone, xOxO


Tangled (movie)

I just saw this movie today and the kid in me was really happy. I was literally laughing all the time, not to mention I was watching it with my younger cousins…so they were laughing as well without really fully understanding the story. Why did I say so? Because Andrei kept asking me about how the story is going…thank you Zeus for the “pause” , whenever he would ask questions I would just press that button, explained to him the story then play the movie again, it took almost 2 hours off of their time ha ha they should be studying but Ate Joyce is such a B.I. 😀

I saw the trailer I think late last year or early this year but never had the chance to see it on the big screen – I guess I was too busy, but most of the time I’d rather watch movie alone (or with my family) at home, so I can pause the movie anytime , specially when I need go to the loo. I wont have to be bothered by the other people around me and I can turn up and down the volume whenever I want to.

The movie is about Rapunzel (obviously) , who got a magical hair…so Gothel, the villain kidnapped her and kept her in the tower, basically using her so she wont grow old.Apparently though, the guy who rescued her is not a prince but a thief…but he didn’t actually have any plans of rescuing her, he was just hiding.

They made a deal that if Flynn(or Eugene, which is his real name) will take her to the “floating lights” she will give him back the crown he took from the castle.

Rapunzel has an iguana and I never thought that iguanas can be as cute as that…

It’s musical too, well Mandy Moore is Rapunzel, so a lot of singing!

I’ve laughed so much because of Maximus, the horse.

and I totally love this part – The Floating Lights

Looks so magical right? Oh well, its supposed to be that way.

Eventually Rapunzel and Flynn realized how bad Gothel is. When Flynn was about to be punished, well he was able to escape with the help of the people from Snuggly Duckling Inn and Maximus he run off to the tower again this time with the intent of rescuing Rapunzel – Gothel stabbed him – Rapunzel begged so she can heal Flynn with her hair – Flynn cut her magical hair though – Gothel,shocked and transformed to her real age,but fell off from the tower.

Since Rapunzel realized that she is the lost princess they went back to the castle – lived happily ever after.

Although I’m not really a fan of cartoon movies,because too much color can irritate my eyes ( I have super bad eyesight,both are at 5.00 ) I still like this movie, it made me laugh.

Would I want something magical like Rapunzel’s hair or maybe magical tears? Why not, I mean if that can heal sickness…but I wont definitely use it to keep myself young and pretty. I don’t want to not grow old.

I’ve seen Pirates of the Carribean 4 as well, last week…that movie was so effin long though…but will still try to say something about it soon.

It’s the freakin weekend baby I’m about to have me some fun”  (from R.Kelly’s Ignition) and having fun means catching up with my sleep – hibernate – will sleep for 10 to 12 hours, ha ha…ciao everyone!


Fish Braid Hairstyle

Thanks to my sister who finally figured out how to do it, been seeing a lot of fish braid hairstyles in my tumblr dashboard and I didn’t know that she’s practicing how to do it until I saw her one day doing it on her own, she then decided to do it in my hair.

Just need to share something about my hair first…

I love my hair so much, I think its one of my asset ( LOL ), my hair is naturally straight , curled it twice, 1st was when I was in 4th yr highschool, it was my father’s decision actually.  The 2nd was I think in 2008 , after I broke up with Mike. I needed to move on so I thought that changing the way I look will help me, yeah it sounds ridiculous but eventually it turned out to be cool!

I would spend hours putting hair mousse on it to make sure that it’ll turn out just the way I want it to be.Here’s a sample:

But after a few months I decided to stop using hair mousse , I think my hair doesn’t need it anymore. Since my hair is growing so fast , my straight hair evidently wants to come back. I would usually go to work without really combing it, I just use my hands to remove the tangles 😀 . After about a year or so my hair is like this :

Long, straight , wavy towards the end. Always pretty, effortless.

My shampoo is Pantene less hair fall, when I had those curly hair I use conditioner everyday ( any creamsilk conditioner will do ) TIP: only use conditioner on your hair,what I mean is try not to put conditioner on your scalp, it can cause dandruff. It’s a must to have / get “hot oil” at least once a week or once in every 2 weeks. I’m using milk protein hot oil treatment (from Watsons), I do it on my own since this thing doesn’t need that heating machine they use at any hair salon, just a simple shower cap will do.

Last February I decided to cut my uber long hair:

Short, layered and still with bangs. I have a wide forehead, that’s why I always have bangs.

Ok now to the main topic, as I have mentioned I’ve seen a lot of these in my tumblr dashboard.

Fish Braid hairstyle: I think this is really cool!

: A nice ribbon would be perfect!

: I love how the blue streaks made a very cool effect on her hair!

: a red haired Rihanna on fish braid too.

: gathered photos of artists with fish braid hairstyle. from tumblr, credits will always go to the owner.

: and me 🙂

another OT:

I broke my record , after almost 5 years of NO ABSENT NO LATE – I was 10 minutes late last Friday night –  NOT THAT I’M PROUD OF IT (WTH?) I am so effin mad about it! I got stuck in traffic for 15 to 20 minutes, that was really awful, I swear the vehicles wasn’t moving at all for 15 minutes , and when it finally move it was just like 5 steps for me. If I was late because I overslept I would’ve accepted it , I would leave the house right about the same time every night, sometimes 15 minutes earlier because I know that during those wee hours at night there’s no traffic anymore but to my horror – I swear my eyes are a bit teary while I’m stuck in that freaking jam!

I have never been late in my entire working life, that’s why I feel so bad about it.

I was absent once, because of Ondoy, I got so lucky that time because our VP then was so nice and very very understanding that he “excused” me for that one event , yeah its as if I was never absent at all. I had proof as well that there’s no way for me to leave the house that night. So I was one of the few people who got some financial relief from the company.

But still I cannot believe and accept the fact that I was late for freaking 10 minutes!!! I wish Maynilad will finish their job as SOOOOON as possible because its such a headache to everyone! Pumapetiks kasi ang mga lintek na to! grrr!

I felt better when Jhamie tried to work something out, but then it wasn’t approved so its ok, she really didn’t have to do that but she still did, I’m really really thankful for her.

And to that someone who made me feel way so much better , thank you! What happened to you is worst than every compared to what just happened to me, I just hope that you’ll recuperate asap.

ok,tootles for now.have to prepare my breakfast.