September’s Here

Hello everyone!  How are you guys doing? For everyone in USA I hope you guys have a great Labor Day, my friends shared their photos in facebook , tumblr and WP, I think it was a lot of fun.

So what’s up and about this September?

A lot of things guys, in fact I don’t know where to start… I am so excited about so many things 😀

I guess we could start with a tradition, my mom will start playing Christmas songs the 1st day of September, every year…she loves Christmas ( so am I ), and for most Pinoys once the “ber”  months (September to December)  is in, it’s gonna be the start of Christmas Celebration – an almost 4 months celebration.

Weird? Yeah, as what the Dept of Tourism says “It’s more fun in the Philippines” :D. Some TV shows started the Christmas Countdown, they showed some places where you can buy gifts that are really really cute and at the same time within your budget. I wanted to have a huge Santa Claus – I love Santa Claus, as a kid I used to wish that he would come one night and give me a gift – but then I realized we don’t have chimney :D, but still that realization didn’t stop me from believing in him. I think I’m just gonna buy a medium size Santa Claus, like half of my height.

A new member of the family is coming and I am so excited to see her, I’d rather not elaborate on this one for the mean time, let’s all wait until she’s here.

I started a healthy revolution during the last 2 weeks of August.

I have been thinking on how to live a healthy life. I love sweets, I mean I can’t live a day without eating something sweet, the bad part is I don’t work out and veggies are not my favorite. When I got my driver’s license I notice that I gained about 11kg from last year, then during Mimi’s birthday celebration, she took my picture and I noticed my bulging tummy, it doesn’t look good – hit me right on the spot that I need to work out and live a much healthier life – terribly in need!


argh with my tummy!

So I decided to stay away from sweets, reduce rice intake, eat more fruits and be friends with veggies.

I am also considering working out, I’d like to try yoga (fat burning yoga), pilates or maybe dancing (like zumba) in addition to the walkathon I do (like) everyday.

So far there’s been an improvement, I am not that enticed whenever I see chocolate, cake, ice cream/mochi creme or cotton candy. I have reduced my cravings for rice and I’ve been eating healthier foods.

I’ve read somewhere that it’s better to eat fish or chicken, avoiding deep fried foods and processed meat. While I was reading through that article ( I think it’s in I was kinda sad because I love pizza and  pasta I thought that I would have to stop eating them, but then I realized that there’s need to deprive myself of eating something that would make me happy, and besides, I don’t eat pizza and pasta all the time, so I guess a little modification on that.

I don’t eat when I’m not hungry, I would eat my meal at least 2 to 3 hours before I go to sleep…

I have my mind set on that rule – live a healthy life Joyce!

When I started this “healthy revolution” I got lots of encouragement and support from my friends, specially my sweet pumpkin pie (oh btw he’s the only sweet that I will not avoid :p ), he would constantly remind me to avoid sweet foods. Last Sunday I saw the yummy macaroons from Tous Les Jours , I pointed it to him and

he said “you’re supposed to avoid sweets”

“i know, i’m not gonna buy, i will just look at it and imagine I’m eating it” – my response.

It wasn’t that bad, as I’ve said my mind is set in living a healthy life, I know I have not deprived myself by not buying macaroons at that moment, I will probably get some of it again but not now.

I need to be voluptuous again, ha ha.

So this morning, this is my breakfast.


Oats and dragon fruit.

I’ve read this about dragon fruit:

I am expecting something big by the end of September, but since it’s not yet here, I wont blog about it for now.

Thanks for checking out…so how about you guys? What’s up and about for you this month?

Time to catch up on my reading session 😀