Just Chilling…

Hey, how are you guys? Hope you’re all doing well, as for me I’m still chilling, for me it seems like the days went by pretty slow I get to enjoy moments with my family (super!). I’m now on my 2nd week of “Core Leave”, after this week I’ll be back to work again, this is like a mix of emotions…I miss going to work (that’s honestly speaking) but at the same time I am enjoying not going to work…

But if you must know what I have been doing aside from blogging and editing pictures, well I’ve been cleaning some of the stuff that we have at home, including our room, I’m checking out on things that I’m not using anymore so I can donate them maybe in the future…pretty much pre-occupied preparing stuff for the wedding, Mama’s making our dresses 🙂 and I can’t wait to try my new dress. I saw my sister’s dress,(she’s going to light the candles) and it looks alright for her, Mama’s dress is really elegant,I love it!

Mama will represent my Aunt who’s not able to come because she’s in CA (so sad) she will also lead the prayer for the newly weds at the reception, while I’m going to read the gospel, I am a bit nervous about it but I think I can handle that,

So yeah, that’s what’s keeping us busy, but not really…I still have time to be lazy 😀

Yesterday after attending the Mass, we went on “silver sandals hunting” for my sister , we found some cool stuff also in that place I wish I could just take a lot of photos but I couldn’t …we’re in a bit of a hurry, but I love the following pic.

This is really my favorite, I will definitely buy one of these (or maybe 2 or 3), a very huge cup! Good thing I thought of bringing my camera, I always bring it every Sunday since it’s family day I knew that we might be doing something cool!

I like the color of that cup,perfect for Christmas 😀

I know it is something big but I find it really really cute! It seems like the word cute is meant for something tiny or whatever…I really love this cup!

So there I was, pretending to be drinking when in fact the cup is empty, my little cousin is watching me 😀 behind me are the other huge cups, yes they’re for sale for only P299.00 each..that is cheap! That’s why I thought of buying a lot sooner or later 😀

my BF trying the silver cup 🙂

My sister with the huge spoon…

Ok,those are not really huge cups…who would dare to drink coffee with that huge cup…I mean someone can try but might end up palpitating or something.

Those were plant pots, actually have holes on the bottom so you can’t put any liquid stuff in it….really cool!

So that’s about it..but I will be back soon because I’m all set for “Tummy Talks (2)”, so talk to you guys later…