Tummy Talks

I have 3 things to share today here in Tummy Talks (1) Garlic French Toast, I was craving for french toast but then I remember I bought a garlic butter so it was just a crazy idea to try using that for french toast – yes, I did it myself and I don’t normally cook so this is really a crazy idea πŸ˜€ (2) Nutella – ahh, this is really made from heaven, so delish feel like eating it everyday (3) Selecta Icecream’s version of cookies and cream using Oreo Cookies, my new favorite.

All pictures were taken last April 20, 2013 πŸ™‚

A 09042013 (000)

= stuff I need for my garlic french toast (a) loaf bread , I chose the Pinoy Tasty brand b/c unlike other brands it’s quite smaller and I prefer small bread :D, eggs,mayonnaise, a bowl and fork.

A 09042013(005)

= divided each loaf into half

A 09042013(001) A 09042013(002)

= mixed egg and mayonnaise.

A 09042013(008) A 09042013(010)

= garlic butter from Pan De Manila

A 09042013(012)

= dip the bread, just for a few seconds so it wont get so soft.

A 09042013(013)

= garlic butter πŸ˜€

A 09042013(015)

= frying πŸ˜€

A 09042013(017) A 09042013(016)

= put it on a tissue so that it’ll sip/get some oil from my french toast.

A 09042013(018)

= wanted to try my masterpiece right away πŸ™‚

A 09042013(019)

= he seems pretty excited,he’s like my # 1 fan πŸ˜€

A 09042013(020)

= another crazy idea, I tried putting some nutella on my french toast, didn’t taste good, nutella is only meant for plain bread πŸ™‚

A 09042013(021)

Β = new favorite πŸ˜€

WARNING: the following photos might make you drool

A 09042013(022) A 09042013(023) A 09042013(024) A 09042013(025) A 09042013(026)

= totally making me happy

A 09042013(027)

= must try!

A 09042013(030)

= he likes it too πŸ™‚

A 09042013(033)

= went back to his business.

That’s it for Tummy Talks today, have a great day!


Sweet Stress Busters

Didn’t mean to neglect my blog…I guess I’ve been pretty busy and lazy at the same time, ha ha. But I miss blogging so much, reading stuff online or just browsing through photos.

And honestly I feel so stressed lately, lately as in a week ago…I have no idea where exactly it’s coming from, but I do know it’s work related well there’s a lot of issues at work so it’s hard for me to really explain.

Anyways, I’m just thankful that my GFs are always there for me, unfortunately we have been pigging – out lately and I feel like I’m gaining weight. Oh boy!

But I’m sure a lot of people will agree that if they’re stress they eat a lot too πŸ™‚

Just wanna share my stress busters – normally it’s something sweet or cold or meaty – ha, ha.

Selecta’s Hazelnut Brownie

Ice Monster (cookies and cream) and Potato Chips

FIC cookies Β and cream ice cream πŸ™‚ they have a wide variety of ice cream flavors Β but this is my favorite

Pizza – this one is from Shakey’s, I also love pizza from Sbarro, Pizza Hut, Yellow Cab and Brooklyn Pizza

My GFs Mimi with heart – shaped dilly bar, Zandy with DQ sandwich : mine is the regular dilly bar. YUM!

My other stress busters are kitkat, butterfinger, white chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, choco crinkles and brownies with marshmallows.

But my #1 stress buster is :

my boyfriend ( chos ! ) , there he is playing hangaroo, with JR nagpapacute sa camera…

what about you, what’s your stress busters or how do you deal with stress?