Tummy Talks 6

Hello guys! Wow,few more days before Christmas ..are you guys excited? Well I am very very excited, Christmas is my favorite holiday…there’s something about it that makes me sooooo happy 😀 I haven’t been online for a while since last week was kinda busy. We attended CSR ( for some people they would call it as an “outreach program” for the less fortunate ) , before we attend the CSR we also needed to attend a “seminar” which was out of our schedule so yeah as I said it was a pretty busy week. So before we proceed to Tummy Talks, let me just welcome December, last month for the year…looking forward to year 2013 🙂

the mostToo bad I have work on the night of the 24th, oh well – duty calls! But this shouldn’t stop from enjoying the Christmas season with my family and closest friends.

Moving on to Tummy Talks

At Fukuya Restaurant : July 14 2012 : with the girls.- Fukuya Final -- fukuya food -

I can’t remember all the names of our food, I know mine is pork tonkatsu, the one in the middle is steamed siomai.

It was a great experience though. 🙂