Holiday FamBam

Just sharing a few family pics during the holidays 😀

Christmas Eve / Day  

We went to Manila Zoo, but the place is jam-packed, we had our lunch there (picnic style).


Team Pasquale-Rascals  with Mumsie.


Extended FamBam : our cousins, Drei & Jr, Aunt Deena, and Lola (grandma).


#selfiesweetcouple , hihi 😀


So since the zoo is full of people (and animals,hihi) we all decided to go to Harrison Plaza, they have a few huge Christmas Trees that you can’t help but take a picture with it.



Minion meets Cookie Monster : The #selfiesweetcouple being goofy (as always).


My sweethubs and his new shirt (a gift from his office mate). He loves that shirt! He loves minions!


Hello , Welcome 2014 !!! 


with Sissy and Eljay


Having fun in front of the cam!


Team Pasquale-Rascals + SelfieSweetCouple , where’s Mumsie when it’s time to have fun?


Team Pasquale-Rascals + SelfieSweetCouple : Who says were crazy?


Team Pasquale-Rascals + SelfieSweetCouple


AbeConPaPa FamBam!  all smiley except for the little baby 😀


AbeConPaPa FamBam!  Simply Happy


AbeConPaPa FamBam!  Picture Perfect!


AbeConPaPa FamBam!      Oh!

Love Love Love my Family ♥

It’s here again!

Hey everyone, oh em gee, no blog entry for the entire month of November, argh! Oh well, I am not gonna make any excuses  i know i have been busy and lazy, changes that I don’t know how to handle and gives me headache too.

But then being optimistic, I know that things will get better, it always does.

And yey! It’s December – the most wonderful time of the year!

Supposed to be, but then again it’s hard to celebrate and be happy knowing that some of my fellow pinoys are mourning and devastated. We all know about the typhoon Yolanda, the filipino community specially those who’s been greatly affected were so thankful for all the countries (everyone) who helped them and are still helping them to recuperate. It’s hard to imagine how they’re going to celebrate Christmas.

And with that typhoon, a lot of issues came out in the open as well. I can’t say anything good about the government so might as well not dwell on it. It is totally a waste of time! What goes around comes around, karma will get you.

Anyway, this is gonna be the 1st time that we’ll celebrate christmas with the new member of our family, baby LJ. 😀 such an adorable baby!

and i wont be long too because there are some errands to do, I’ll have a long weekend next week so I do hope that I can catch up on blogging, no matter how busy my life is, I can’t just let this go.

credits to the owner of this nice pic that I found in weheartit,com <3

credits to the owner of this nice pic that I found in weheartit,com ❤


Hey everyone, so I have been busy, work has been challenging now that we are under a new management team, and then there were gossips involving my dear friends…so we’ve been talking about “how to deal with it”. My new niece, oh she is such an angel, I love watching her while she sleeps…and then I have to learn how to handle my finances the right away.

So many things to do that I have to stop blogging for a while. 😀

Last week, me and my girlfriends finally had the chance to eat together again,we’ve talked about the gossips, our finances, our lives and where to go next…

Our pictures were taken using MyPhone Vortex 😀


Lunch at Pancake House, have the best pancakes ever!

IMG_20131017_112032 IMG_20131017_112044

Picture taking while waiting for our food 😀


My meal : Rice , special salisbury steak and Corn & Carrots on the side.


Here’s dessert : I ordered Banana Split, Mimi got one scoop of Vanilla and Strawberry ice cream.





That is all for now 😀 be back soon (hopefully)


Honesty Challenge : Day 20

Gaah, I thought I wont be able to retrieve the copy of this challenge, my puppy love (my boyfriend) reformatted our laptop twice and I thought I lost the questions to this challenge, the last answered challenge was in April 😀

Day 20: How many people can you tell just about everything to?

Hmm, Let me think… Four  😀


+ my puppy love ( Jo)  ♥


+ my girl friends : Zee, Govee, Mimi 😀

These people are so far the bestest! I can talk to them about my stupidity, clumsiness, achievements, dreams/goals, plans – anything under the sun, they wont judge me, they will tell me, straight to my face if it’s good or bad. Most of the time they support me.

I am just glad and I feel so lucky surrounded by amazing friends.

This question actually reminded me of a quote I read probably in, goes something like this.

“You don’t need a lot of friends, just a few good ones that are REAL”.

So true, I know a lot of people and consider them as my friends – though I am not trying to be Ms.Friendship, I guess it’s easy for me to learn to “blend in”.

The past couple of years, Jo and my girlfriends has been my constant “listeners”.


Link to HD Challenge Day 1 (and the rest of the questions):

Sweet Sundate (2)

Hello again! I think this is going to be a regular entry here in my blog 😀 but I am still working on the other “regular” entries here and more likely there will be posts wherein I will combine 2 regular entries together, like what I did on the previous one. It was somehow about tummy talks at the same time it’s about our Sweet Sundate.

So here they are.


Date : June 16, 2013

Church : Saint Jerome Emiliani (near Alabang Town Center)

We stayed outside, that was our 1st time to attend the mass together, although it wasn’t the first time I’ve been there…it was his first, so I told him he can make a wish. My mama told me (because she’s very superstitious) that if it’s your first time to attend the mass in any church you can make a wish and it’ll be granted (in God’s time of course). We have no idea about the schedule of their masses it seems like churches have different schedule but we were just right on time to hear the gospel, we decided to just stay outside since the church’s already packed with people.

I think it was really meant to be, that day it wasn’t that hot, was cloudy but there were no rains…was a little windy which is good.

ATC 2 final

♥ I know, we’re cheesy…and hey we took these photos after the Mass, not during the Mass :D. After the mass though, when there were few people inside, I decided to go in and just say my prayer…decided to stay for a while,took some photos before we head for lunch.


Me talking to Mama, the church is just “walking distance” to Alabang Town Center. I like walking from the Church to the mall, love to feel the wind and just seeing those plants…aahh, it was an awesome moment.ATC 8

Lunch: Binalot at Alabang Town Center’s Food Street. He got rice and pork sisig (which is soooooo delicious! It was so good,I felt bad for not having it on my own). I had chicken adobo with salted egg & tomato.

ATC 9 ATC 10 ATC 11

After our sumptuous meal,we decided to just stroll around the mall and we saw these huge vignette designs.Ayala Malls had a contest,contestants will just have to stand in front of the vignette designs, pose and send their picture, most creative pose of course will win. But we didn’t join the contest, we were not prepared, had we known I would’ve wore something white so that I can look like a real angel 😀 , but we took some photos (obviously). The wings is just right for me, unlike Jo, he needed to bend a little so he can fit in.

ATC 11.5

Then, there’s this design, like you’re attending an awards night, red carpet, flashes of lights from a camera, shadows…it was cool!

ATC Dessert

Can’t go home without having dessert, FIC is my favorite ice cream place because they have a lot of ice cream flavors plus they have my new favorite, mochiko / mochi ice cream, black sesame is my favorite!ATC 15

Nahhh, don’t get me wrong, I was excited to eat that, but I needed to wait for like 20 minutes or so before the ice cream  vendor gave it to me. Wonder why? It’s because other customers are so insensitive, they took time to decide what flavor to eat….gaaahhh! Anyways, it was a lovely day 😀


Sweet Sunday

Sunday, I love sunday…attending the regular mass, relaxing after a week of working, spending time with my pie…either we stroll around the mall or just stay at home, cook our own food, play online games or watch movie…or just cuddle :D.

This sort of things makes me look forward to “weekend” like everyday.What about you?

Anyway, we’ve taken so many pics but (same lame excuses) I never had a luxurios time to blog about it, and I’ve been so addicted in playing candy crush, it’s crazy b/c I have dreams about candies…but I’m so glad I have today to do this.

So,here are some of our pics.

Sweet Sunday 1

 Date: May 05 @ Kenny Rogers (Festival Mall,Alabang)


His meal, 1/4 roasted chicken, 2 cups of rice, chicken salad, muffin and a glass of pepsi


Mine: my absolute favorite! Rice, Salisbury Steak, Muffin, Mac & Cheese.


 Still Mine : my mac & cheese and rootbeer float 😀

SAM_5157 soften

 “Happy Tummy”

SAM_5154 - pencil sketch


Date: May 19 @ KFC,Southmall.


His : rice, 2pcs hot & cripsy chicken, mushroom soup, a glass of soda and a plate of (the freaking) gravy, I noticed that Pinoys are so crazy about KFC’s gravy, I don’t know why but I am not a fan of that effin gravy.


Mine: rice, chicken chop ( new product, absolute favorite too ), cheesy corn soup, regular size plain fun shots (inside the box, another fave) and a glass of orange juice.


Their cheesy corn soup reminded me of Shakey’s corn soup with chicken chunks on it and potato strings ( i think ) , so I thought of putting some crispy fun shots on my soup and boom! It was a great invention! LOL 😀

date date 1

Looks yummy! Trust me, it is soooo good!


Joycessist @ Baguio City

Hello guys! So good to be back again, and I am really trying my very best to blog again as often as I used to. Aside from the family issues that stopped me from blogging for a while…had some technical issues as well when my bf accidentally re-formatted my laptop, I lost all my bookmarked pages 😦 I have every intention to read through those blogs and article again but I guess I wont be able to do it anymore.

Oh well I miss doing this…gathered some of my pics from our trip to Baguio City last December and I was being such a “joycessist” again. SAM_3190 (1) SAM_3192 SAM_3195Taken the following morning after we arrived, love that bonnet, unfortunately we don’t have it anymore. 😦


my henna tattoo

SAM_3253 SAM_3256@ our lunch place

SAM_3340 SAM_3338

minor edits, love the effect of the light 🙂

SAM_3358 SAM_3370

my favorite scent , brewed coffee (mhm)

SAM_3353 SAM_3366




SAM_3401 SAM_3402

emotera pose ♥