Tummy Talks (4) Greenwich

Hey guys, Tummy Talks again obviously this is a late entry 🙂

We don’t normally celebrate July 4th here in PH but since we are working for an international company and July 4th was a holiday we thought of celebrating it. I did that collage thing for my FB account. As usual hanging out with my GFs, I think this is the 1st time we hang out with Gov (short for Governor), of course that’s not her real name, we gave her that name because she resembles Batangas Governor, Vilma Santos.

The following are the close-up version of our pics.

Zee’s meal – rice, chicken and onion rings

mine – Pepperoni Overload Pizza!

I’m totally a “meat lover” , I want nothing but meat on my pizza. I like eating the pepperoni 1st, then the bread/crust after. If I didn’t have a choice, let’s say someone else ordered pizza or my family wants a different kind of pizza and it has bell pepper , large onion rings and something else that’s not meat…I will remove all of it and leave it all behind 🙂

Our Meal

We got pasta…pizza…onion rings and chicken.

Zee, Mimi, Gov and Me

I think I want pizza now 😀

That’s about guys thanks for dropping by!