Hello September

I know it’s the 6th already but it’s not that late to welcome September, oh please be good to me. It’s amazing how time seems to fly,last week I was so worried about the deadline but jeeez it is September for Pete’s sake I’m still not over the issue.

I’m still on vacation mode though, on leave until Wednesday night. And I’ve been thinking so much lately ( or maybe not ) that I feel like I have never been this so unproductive in my life – I cleaned my room, I plan to do the laundry by tomorrow, I wash the dishes, spend time with my Mum watching DVDs or the late night shows but no sense of fulfillment. I don’t know what to do with my life and I’m turning 26 in 3 months and I still haven’t figured out what I want, well I know some of the things I want but those are temporary stuffs.

Oh well, enough of the meaningless drama in my life.Why not blog about the movies I’ve seen so far for the last 3 days, my sister and her partner got a huge collection of DVDs.

Last Saturday I saw Snakes On Plane starring Samuel L. Jackson, pretty scary, I don’t like snakes. I had a chance to touch a snake when we went to Manila Zoo few years ago, ohmeegosh it’s soooooooo effin big and cold. My grandma had it on her shoulders, oh boy, she was scared but laughing at the same time.  But the movie is great, I like it…cute guy surfing, ha ha.Oh,he’s surfing without snakes brother, ok? I always like surfing, it looks easy but I know its difficult especially for people like me, born in the city soooooo far away from the ocean.

Right after that movie I watched Gulliver’s Travel, as expected Jack Black is funny, though I’m not really a huge fan of the guy , don’t like him the way I like Adam Sandler but he’s good in being funny. The story of the Bermuda Triangle has always left me so curious, I’ve seen some documentary shows about it from Discovery or maybe Nat Geo, it’s just weird that a place like that exist, and what if there’s a real Island of Lilliput? But I wont dare to go there just to prove it.No way!

The 3rd movie and I watched this last Sunday is Chain Letter, starring Nikki Reed.Oh jeez this is so gross. If you’ve seen the Saw Series and Final Destination Series this is just like those movies.Gruesome.It’s a movie about anti-technology, the killer(s) are anti-tech but it’s weird because they use technology to find their victims.They will send a chain letter and if you wont pass it on and just delete it they will come and kill you using chains. Yikes! I think the movie was created because people are so hooked on using mobile phones, internet, video games and the likes.

Yesterday we watched Unknown starring Liam Neeson. Good movie, different twist on the story but I think I’ve seen something like that, or maybe it looks like it because it’s about “memory loss” or something, if it does make any sense.

My sister likes to watch Ghost Whisperer , Jennifer Love Hewitt’s TV show. I think I kinda like it too, at first I thought it was something really really scary that wont make me go to sleep at night but it is a good show, she helps the ghosts to do what they need to do , you know what they say that they have unfinished businesses. Jen helps them in doing that so they can see the light. It’s a nice show.

Aside from DVD marathon everyday , I also love watching shows on ETC. I think I mentioned this before that I like watching Glee now, One Tree Hill, Pretty Little Liars, The Glee Project and I hope I get to watch Gossip Girl too, I miss watching Chuck and Blair.

I’m also reading an Oracle Book right now and I have asked my sister to download some of Anne Rice’s works for me, she’s been talking about Percy Jackson for about a month now and doesn’t interest me at all. I don’t know why.

Later today I guess I’ll watch Just go with it and/or Blue Valentine.

Tomorrow might download a few pictures.

Just a thought, from http://uncomfortablesoul.tumblr.com/

I was checking her blog ( and I’d say it’s pretty amazing, because I can relate to most of her entries) read this and it is so true! Been single since 2008, I dated a few guys but that’s just it. I may seem a little troubled lately but nothing serious I guess.
I admit that I miss that feeling. The feeling of having someone special in your life and you’re also special to them. The nights just seems so cold no matter how warm the weather is.

Why don’t you just get over here and make me happy just like what you told me the lats time we talked? You know who you are. It’s just weird that after how many months of no communication you’ll just send me a message and here I am again, missing you like crazy – please if you really don’t want to be with me then just _____,it hurts knowing that you like me and you know that the feeling is mutual and yet we’re like this…and I have to hurt someone else just so that I wont think of you.

I have been waiting for you…all these time.

September…have to start my wishlist for Christmas (LOL), list of gifts for mygodchildren ( if I wont be too lazy to give it to them ) , yeah I guess prepare as early as today for Christmas.

Please be good to me September.


How To Flirt

thanks to “Girl on the Contrary” for posting this on her blog, and of course thanks to youtube again. I cannot believe that this sort of things is available in youtube, I don’t normally watch videos in youtube unless I really really need to. And most of the time I would just watch music videos.

And I will quote her question too “Why don’t they teach this in schools?”

Anyways here is the video 😀

Never thought that flirting can be some sort of art and/or science. I don’t usually go out (and I kinda miss that now) and when I do (of course with my friends) I am usually effin quiet – I think so. Well the thing is I don’t say “hi” first and I’m a bit of a snub, so no wonder I haven’t been in a relationship for a loooooooooooooooong time , in fact I’m not even sure if I can do this.

All I need is a Positive Attitude (which I am pretty sure I have) and Confidence ( I will need a super HIGH level of this, is this available in any pharmacy – joke! ).

No hitting below the belt.

According to one study : Winking, smiling and making eye contact are the 3 most successful flirting techniques –  so, Happy Hunting girls.

This actually reminds me of one of my “snub” moments.

We went bar hopping 1 night, last stop was somewhere in Makati. Everyone is dancing, but since I don’t dance I was just staying in one corner with my friends and drinking, a little tipsy and I know that my body is moving to the beat of the music. I noticed this guy ( a foreigner ) is dancing right next to me, but then I turn around without even looking at his effin face to check of he is cute or not. Ha ha, I know I’m stupid for acting that way! Oh boy!

I guess I will try to do this next time,meanwhile I’ll keep this in mind.

Thanks to : http://girlonthecontrary.com/