JIMZ trip to the city of pines

Hey there everyone, I’ve mentioned about our trip to Bagiuo City last December,well I just finish the 1st set of photos that I’m going to share – geeez after almost 4 mos 😀

And in case you’re wondering who or what JIMZ is, that’s actually us 😀 , J is for Joyce, I for Issa ( I prefer calling her Marisa or Gov ), M for Mimi (pot) and Z for Zandra.

SAM_3169 SAM_3165

~ our room, since we only need this for sleeping purposes we thought of not getting a room in a hotel…this is actually a room being used by college students but since they were on holiday leave this room was available for “short time travelers” like us.


: Dinner , Grilled Hito (catfish), Fried Chicken, Inihaw na Liempo and Sinigang na Baboy.


~ After our sumptuous meal we thought of going to the bazaar, the entire road was closed filled with vendors selling various stuff, if I remember it right the bazaar starts from 9 PM to 2AM. Mimi and Zee did a photo op wearing those cute hats while we’re in the middle of the bazaar…but they bought something else 😀

SAM_3183 SAM_3189

~ Sunday Morning at Bagiuo City, we woke up a little early so we can visit as many tourist spots as we can, our room’s at the most top so this is actually our view – houses, roofs…

SAM_3196 SAM_3193

~ watching Gossip Girl while waiting for Z, who really took her time prettifying herself 😀

SAM_3201 SAM_3205

 Our 1st stop : a walk at Burnham Park, I fell in love with those trees, I think they’re really beautiful.


~ Henna Dutdut (Tattoo), that’s the closest thing that I can get. I really wanted to have a real tattoo, but my skin is too sensitive, a tiny scratch will look pretty horrible in a few seconds… what more if I get a tattoo.SAM_3208

~ waaaah! It tickles 😀SAM_3209

~ You think it’s their first time to watch a girl getting a henna tattoo? They seem pretty amazed…


~ fairy god mother, always wanted to have one. It was just a dream/fantasy that I had ever since I was a kid.


                  ~ another henna tattoo, on my ring finger – wish it was real 😦


~ Henna Tattoo artists. What’s amazing is that they’re both students and they will use the money for school expenses 🙂SAM_3236-horz

~ while walking, looking for a nice place to have breakfast.


~ while Mimi and Gov went to use the loo, me and Z saw this, amazing wood carving.SAM_3244


~ another wood carvings, those were the igorots,native inhabitants of Baguio City.



~ Mimi felt like it was her house because of those extraordinary  small stairs.


~ showing off her hennas.SAM_3255_tranquil

I guess we can call it a friendship henna tattoo 🙂

SAM_3264Photo Op 😀

SAM_3266 SAM_3270

Beethoven! You guys remember that movie? St.Bernards are soooo big! I love touching and hugging this very huge but cute creature, I wish I could play with him for a little longer.SAM_3273-tile

Horsey Ride – yeah, giddyup!giddyup!
SAM_3282_ from Z

holding hands while walking, she is like my little sister 🙂

at The Mines View Park, with my younger sister (Mimi) and my older sister (Marisa).SAM_3286

my GFs/BFFs/Sisters : Zee, Mimi and Marisa.


Pasalubong 😀 These are the first few items I bought. (1) Floral Fan for my mom, (2) Bonnet for my sweet Jo, (3) Strawberry Jam,(4) hand crocheted coin purse (a)round black & yellow was my gift to JP (my sister’s bf), (b) strawberry was my gift to my sister, (c) white & yellow was my gift to my Aunt, (5) colorful long socks for me (6) black socks for my sweet Jo and (7) Disney travelling bag for all my stuff 😀 SAM_3302

stairs – the 2nd flight of stairs on the transient house we stayed in.There were about 4 stairs 😀SAM_3303

Snack Time @ SM Baguio City // my favorite potato chips twisted powdered with cheese – yum!SAM_3304

The mall was full of people, food court is jam packed! So we decided to just sit on the floor and enjoy our snacks.SAM_3319

A must go to place : Baguio Cathedral. From what I know this has been built for a very long time ago, the interior design can take you to back to history 🙂SAM_3323

We also visited the Pink Sisters Cathedral which is also a very solemn/nice place, then we thought of going to the famous Haunted White House since it was just around the corner, but I saw this. Thought of taking a picture since I was enjoying this journey with my friends.

This is it for now, but there’s more 🙂 I promise, ha ha.

But thanks for dropping by, got to sleep now, xOxO

Off of the hassle and bustle of city life…

I thought this will take me some time to blog about it, but it actually did! Haha, this is the much awaited team outing! After almost half a year of preparing and 2  cancellations, we finally did it! Yeahbah! I did a sneak peak on my last entry though…I was really excited blogging about this, but I waited for the other pictures to be uploaded first so I can check on it and collected all the pictures I want to share. So without further adieu..

This seemed like an endless road, took us a little over 2 hours to get there…

I was a little busy sending messages to my boyfriend who followed us after his work that day – sweeeeeet…..totally!!!

They look seriously funny 😀

Our room : Mhai,Miminski, Me, Gov and Zee 🙂

Miminski, Chinchot, Me and Zee

Having fun…

Sleeping Beauties…

We kinda celebrated Halloween as well with this pic and the next one…

Miminski inside the cabinet…

Outside the trailers…was talking to my bf (again).

Thanks to Chinchot for taking nice pictures of the resort.

This is Totoy Golem , our boss…and that day he was our cook as well. But the boys helped him in preparing our food.

and us girls – hi hi well we just enjoy the moment taking pictures…

Me and Chinchot

We call this “balsa”

the close – up version 🙂

whatever happened there , did not stay there 😀

breakfast with yosi , oh well…

girls again 🙂

my boyfriend took this photo…idk why 🙂

fire tree ( made up name )

Miminski as Lara Croft – kids version , ha ha

 friendly dog

mhm, me and the love of my life, I’m actually wearing his shirt.

– randomness –

this reminds of Dawson’s Creek, Tabing Ilog ( teen show ) and Britney’s song “sometimes”

hi hi i know i’m not sexy,lakas loob lang nag 2 piece 🙂  well my bf told me I’m sexy , I’m cool with that.

– the infinity pool –

my beloved team : serious mode

L to R : Miminski, Zee, Me, Owz, Mhai, Chinchot, Gov, Totoy Golem, Haraboji, DB and Chaloy (in front)

– wacky shot –

– on our way home –

but of course we didn’t go home immediately , I wanted to eat this, one of my favorite treats, vanilla fried icecream with chocolate syrup and crinkles. yummy!

 When we got home I realized that I’ve been a girl scout again for bringing these items :

Mat (plants vs zombies, though I am not a fan of the game) – needed to sleep on the floor with my bf.

pajamas – it was a bit cold.

My mom’s malong – used as a blanket.

2L of bottled water (that was actually my 2nd bottle)

Oh wow, that’s a lot of photos, but on my next entry it’ll be a tribute for my pet for one week, well a little over a week I guess. He passed away today ( july 07, 2012 ) and i feel terribly sad. I couldn’t figure out what happened to him. I will miss him.

that’s it for now, ciao!

Part 3

Here comes the 3rd part of bonding-with-my-cousins entry. I am so in the mood of updating my blog,despite the fact that I’m a little hungry, he he. Oh well, I may not have enough time tomorrow because I might be busy, me and Mama will go to the bank and I might see a doctor…my DOB is back! I mean, difficulty of breathing, when it’s extremely hot I’m having a hard time breathing – I hope it’s not that serious, I’m a bit scared…what if I have heart or lung problems? Aaaah! Would that mean I have to say goodbye to happy foods? I hope not!

Anyway here are the happy pictures!

yay! my jumpshot!

me and Oliver – yet another jumpshot 😀

 eating the famous “dirty icecream” or some would call it “tililing icecream”. Not the usual icecream you buy in groceries.

Me: WTH? Can’t believe he’s taller than me…he’s only 16 yrs old & I’m 25?!?!

Oliver : Ha ha ha

Oh well!

I used to carry him when he was still a baby, now it’s the other way around 🙂

My sister Lalayne and her partner JP (our photographer),hot afternoon eh.

This is Lola Remy and my Lola (Felicidad) and my smiling Mama behind them. I think it was Mama who told me that my grandparents met each other on Lola Remy’s wedding day 😀 – err,my Mum is all smiley but the Grannies are not.

Now they’re happy! 😀 My grandmother has been smoking ever since she was 12 years old – but her children are NON-SMOKERS! So good thing!

Mama and her cousin (oh, I forgot her name, she is Lola Remy’s daughter) , she told me that she used to take care of me when I was a baby while my Mama is pregnant with my sister. She told me that I was such a cute baby – until now

oh yeah! I know I have a baby picture somewhere…I’ll look for it and I will have it here in my blog.

Last picture before we left.

The Love Birds – on our way home.

Another waiting shade…echos lang…

we love taking pictures :))

The love birds again. Last pic.

This is the end of our 3rd day in Pangasinan., will blog about the 4th day soon!

Ciao everyone…I feel good after looking at these pictures again, makes me wanna go back to Pangasinan, far from this busy life in Manila – and just relax…

until I get tired of relaxing 😀