Hello August!

I know this month is almost over , I have been busy running errands here at home, doing stuff for work,  celebrated life b/c my mom just turned 56 , one of the best friend I ever had will be celebrating her birthday on Monday, then my sweet boyfee on the 27th and then on the 28th it’s our 19th month.

A lot of things to look forward 😀 I went gaga trying to plan really something big but it seems like my extravagant idea wont be possible.

We just had a huge storm this week, although it’s not really here in Manila (but somewhere north) it has affected us somehow b/c of the “moonsoon” ,  which caused flood. A dam near our place broke due to the strong wind and almost 3 days of continuous rain, it was terrible (just like the other year).

Water went into our house it’s a good thing that it wasn’t that high, just about my ankle, but still the fact that we have to clean the house right after the flood subsides… it was exhausting. I was awake from 3:30 AM to 8 PM.

I know that was bad, but others got worst experiences…and I just hope that they’ll be able to recuperate soon…specially those people staying in the evacuation centers, lost their homes and their properties…even a family member.

I’m just thankful that we’re all safe, it was just me,my boyfee, my sister and her significant other at home, Mom wasn’t here…but she was worried sick that she decided to come back here in Manila as soon as she had the chance.

This is it for now, I’ll try to update my blog as soon as I have a chance again. Take care everyone




Hey everyone, I miss blogging…I knew it was only a few days from my last entry, but it seems like  I have been gone for a year, as much as I want to check everything in my “reader”, a day or 2 wont be enough…hope everybody’s cool!

Unlike me, I have cough and colds for about a week now, blame it on the weather. It’s been pretty weird for 2 weeks now ever since that “double rainbow day”. Yes we had a double rainbow day here, too bad wasn’t able to take a picture of it, my sweet Jo had basketball game that day, so yeah, we’re kinda busy.

The weather’s been weird because it’s freaking hot during the day then at night it’s effin raining, like with lightning and thunder – I hate lightning and thunder, they unleash the scaredy cat in me 😦

I have been drinking orange juice everyday (thinking that it can make my immune system a little stronger) then whenever I got home from work I make my own juice. I got the idea from youtube,I watched a lot of videos on how to relieve cough or like the best remedies for cough, colds and flu — can’t believe you’ll learn so much from youtube, God bless YOUTUBE :D.

Unfortunately I can’t find any lemons near our place, I’ve been to 3 stores and I can’t find one, but then I saw Calamansi and bought abot 20 pcs of it, cut each fruit into half, mix it with ginger and honey, then warm water –  and oh! I just love how it soothes my throat…yummazing feeling!

Although I love the taste I don’t wish to drink it everyday, I just wish that my cough and colds are gone..like in a few seconds from now. It’s so hard to work when you have this.

Anyways enough of that. I hope everyone had a nice mother’s day celebration, I’m so glad Mama’s home last Sunday but she went back to Pangasinan the following day since there’s so much to do after my Lolo’s funeral…

This is supposed to be just a short entry but I guess I was so excited that I had the time to blog again…anyways I have to sleep now, I’ll probably catch up on everything next week – well, hopefully.

Take care everyone.