Happy Grandparent’s Day ♥

 Greetings to all the grandparents in the universe!

People meet my Lolo and Lola.

→ I took a picture of their wedding photo, but it was placed on the highest part of their house that I have to stand on a chair to take this pic.

→ This is better compared to the 1st photo.Lola got a pretty nice wedding dress. She’s really beautiful and Lolo is soooo handsome.

It’s always nice to see their wedding picture up on the wall every time we go home to Pangasinan.After all these years.Lola told me a few stories during their younger years and I can only imagine how they used to hide away from those Spaniards – wait, was it the Spanish or Japanese?

→ Grandfather & Grandmother, after almost 55 years of marriage (and counting). Not even once I heard any story that one of them cheated, Lola can be such a nagger sometimes but Lolo loves her no matter she says.

→ Miss you…and will always love you! Can’t wait to spend another “grand vacation” with you guys.

† Remembering also today is the 9/11 tragedy.