Meet “Brownout”

I really can’t stop myself from blogging this! She is sooooo effin cute, that’s why i love my dogs very much, they give me love that is totally awesome!

I was eating icecream a few moments before this picture was taken, she is really begging for some icecream but since my it is super loaded with hersheys chocolates I can’t give her anything.  And she looks so serious in this picture, i love her.

Yeah that’s her name Brownout,when she was still a baby, I mean a puppy her face is so dark that you wont see her if she’s like under the bed or somewhere dark or of its like brownout- unless of course she got her eyes open. hehe.

I’m kinda unattractive on this picture,haha…coz I just woke up and I ate icecream as part of my breakfast and I’m only using my celfone  (N6120) I did try to edit the picture but still the quality isn’t that good…

I need a new effin mouse!

Its the weekends (YAY!) and as usual I will spend most of my time online , stuck in tumblr and reblogging pictures that are somewhat interesting. My friend Rica got a tumblr account too… she is currently uploading pictures from her awesome trips and exploring tumblr. LOL!

I ended the week in a not so good way at work but I promised myself not to dwell on negative thoughts and tonight there will be a MAJOR MAJOR mindsetting to be done.

I have to do this and I know I can, because I am surrounded with awesome people that will surely encourage me to stay optimistic.

And I got a bonus too! Someone is causing me to smile a lot ( I smile too much that sometimes it annoys me ’cause I tend to be out of focus and my thoughts are somewhat drifting away – parang highschool lang!)  Oh well, there’s sooooo many butterflies in my stomach already because of him and then another guy is causing me to feel like there’s Pterodactylus in my stomach with just a mere thought of him – so.yeah. goodluck tummy!

And as my title says “I need an effin mouse!” apparently my mouse is acting weird, as much as I want to do something creative with my pictures I can’t because I can’t buy a new mouse yet…payday is on tuesday night so I have to wait. sigh! I was looking forward to this day because I have a lot of ideas that I want to do with the pictures that I collected, so many thoughts that I want to blog…so many things, guess I just have to deal with what I have, for now.

Oh…just wanna say thank you to the person/people who appreciated my existence, you guys have no idea how I feel right now and I’d rather not tell.chos!

I’m still in cloud nine, no doubt about it.

But working with just the mouse in my notebook.grrr. hate it!

Random Thoughts


its  4AM the 21st of March year 2011
and I have no idea why I’m doing this, there could be a few reasons.
my net is effin slow, i guess we’ve reached the “CAP”, according to my sister if we have reached about 6 GB from downloading stuff online the internet will slow down & it’ll refreshed the following month. that sucks! big time! how many days before APRIL? that means I have to deal with a slow internet connection until that time.

I’m still reading “The spellbook of Listen Taylor” , got hook on it because I’m curious about the secret of The Zing Family. At the same time I’m listening to the soundtrack of the movie “ONCE”, I really think Glen Hansard got an amazing voice , I think he’s a “whew” made me wishing that my future lover will sing to me that way – psssh wishful thinking – pwahaha!

Few days ago I was really really excited because I’m off for 3 days and now that the 3rd day is here i feel nothing but weirdness (lack of a better term) and I can’t even explain why. oh well. this is pretty normal for me to be abnormal sometimes.

I’m also in tumblr, checking out some pics to put on queue, my theme for the month is “Summer” since its summer time, next month I’m thinking of “flowers” as my theme. geeeez, I’m in a state of boregasm again, this should be over soon. Once I’m back to work I should never feel bored again.

I’m still studying/reading some stuff online that will help me at work and I think I’m not really allowed to elaborate on this matter, but so far I’m doing good and ecstatic about the improvements.

I went to SM yesterday with Mum of course, as usual we dropped by at St.Paul’s and I got 2 books added on my “list” its about Positive Thinking.

this is a very random entry. just because I feel like I’ve got nothing else to do but wait on how this day will end when it just started – wonder if this makes sense.